11th Eco-Tourism Expo in Lingayen, Pangasinan

Oh summer! The best time to plan beach escapades and relax under the sun, yes! I know most of you have itchy feet to touch the clear waters of Pangasinan and see the best and popular tourist spots! Me too! When you plan to go to Pangasinan, aside from going to these popular beaches like Patar, Bolinao, Hundred Islands of Alaminos, Tondol Beach in Anda and Tambobong White Beach in Dasol to name a few, I also urge you to visit the capital of Pangasinan — the municipality of Lingayen. 😁

Lingayen, Pangasinan will let you do your usual family bonding with its free kubo or shed and enjoy your summer picnic! Since you are already at the Lingayen Capitol, might as well do a side trip and visit the 11th Eco-Tourism Expo in the area. 😃

The expo is a yearly event in participation for the celebration of Pistay Dayat of Pangasinan which takes place during end of April and 1st week of May. For this year it started on the 24th of April until 2nd of May. (But, the expo will last until 13th of May)

The expo caters different local suppliers with variety of local products to choose from.

You will also see different landscape entries and, to add up the local vibe, vendors are staying in a kubo to cater their local products. There is also an exhibit of bonsai and a stage to keep the crowd entertained during night. 😁😃



Anytime is a good time to visit but, mind the summer heat. However, don’t be afraid as I’ve discovered everyone’s favorite booth! The AdAm’s Icesarap! Indeed, my favorite too because it doesn’t only quench your thirst with their cucumber lemonade, iced tea and blue lemonade but also offers different flavors of Melona, the Korean Ice Cream & Greek Yogurt! 🤩🤩🤩


In addition to that, they also have different flavorful ice candies!! Who wouldn’t love it? 🤩🤩🤩


Plus, the people in the AdAm’s Icesarap are friendly and accommodating. So summer heat problem? Solve! 😍🤗

You can find their booth at the middle part, in front of the stage & bonsai exhibit. 👍👌

Best to go with family and super friends. When you are done with your shopping spree and tasted your favorite flavors of ice creams, off you go to the beach! 😎😊

To keep on track with the activities of the Pistay Dayat 2018, here’s a guideline of schedules as your reference, from the official Facebook account of Pangasinan Tourism. 😌



1st Holistic Wellness Fair

Ever since we moved back here in the province, accessibility to different natural and organic products are limited. But, thanks to e-commerce, I’m still able to explore and buy reusable, organic/natural products online (though shipping fee and the waiting of items’ arrival & depositing payment is a bit of a hassle). Good news is that there are several wellness advocates from Dagupan City who organized the very 1st Holistic Wellness Fair! 😍😍😍

Holistic Mandala_HWF

I am really thrilled and so happy to know that this event would be a very good venue to explore new products on hand! Its a craze because there would be about 26 vendors catering organic & natural product items and vegetarian food + 10 talks about wellness lifestyle and financial freedom + 4 workshops for 2 days on May 5 & 6, 2018, Saturday & Sunday! 😊😉


Also, ticket for the said event will only cost you P50.00, good for 2 days and this ticket will also give you the chance to win raffle items! 🤩

Would definitely be going to this event! Good food + great products (with affordable prices) + new learnings + meet new friends — AMAZEBALLS! 🤩🤪😚

Let’s go together! 😎☺

Buy your tickets at their official ticket outlets:
Stillwater Spa (Perez Boulevard, beside Wearelse Shop, Mondays to Sundays 1PM-11PM;
Human Nature Dagupan (Tapuac District), Mondays to Saturdays 10AM-6PM;
Palmas Verdes Green Residential Community (Bonuan Binloc), Mondays to Saturdays 8AM-5PM

Don’t forget your eco bags and see you fellow wellness advocates! 💓


Young Living Asia-Pacific Convention

So, it’s been about a month now after the Young Living convention fever in KL, Malaysia and if I may say, I had a blast! 😍


It is very rewarding to be part of this momentous event — first ever convention in Asia-Pacific region! 😱 — because I was able to have the opportunity to encounter all essential oils that Young Living is offering. Having in mind that not all oils are available to all countries that has YL offices.

The 3-day convention was full of learnings — about the process on how to derive the essential oils from the source, how they grow these plants, how stringent is the process of picking farm partners all over the world, the benefits and usage of these oils, and my favorite, the Seed to Seal meaning and the science behind it.

Also, it was really a wonderful avenue to discover more about the other products that YL is offering, from beauty products such as skin care, to new launched savvy mineral make ups, to health benefits from single & blend oils to launching a new product called Brain Wave technology; how to promote and help other people by doing it as your own business.


The two best speakers during the convention!

Members also got the chance to know who are the best people behind Young Living Essential Oils and have imparted details of their tasks to ensure everyone that we are all taken cared of, with all our concerns and making sure all orders are attended properly. We got the chance to get our new kits at KL office!


Fresh goody bags at Young Living office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As of the moment, we are welcoming more and more members of our team and conduct series of workshops to share and learn more about the versatility of all Young Living oils!

Want to enjoy every drop of these amazing oil and be part of our team? Sure, go get your kit first here https://yl.pe/7qqp then buzz me after! 🌈☺️🤗

Young Living Essential Oils

I have heard so many good things about oils, mostly tips and benefits out from it. But, I have never used them before because of so many reasons and these include: (1) not knowing where to actually buy it aside from gettig it online, (2) trust issues with internet so a little afraid of disclosing information online and, (3) no actual person I personally know who really use it; and even I’ve seen these oils with local celebrities who are using it, I’m still not buying it.

So, the trigger for me to finally know and learn more about the best oils in town was my sister-in-law who would like to get one for the family. Which, by destiny, a good friend & classmate back in highschool is a member and passionately using these essential oils of Young Living.
Since my transition to organic & natural products (and hopefully to practice zero waste), Young Living essential oils gave me a wider view on how to live a greener life. This is because of the many benefits it offers and just to mention, I am also trying to eliminate pharmaceutical medicines as much as possible so these essential oils are better alternatives so far. Thus, these essential oils can do so much — from toiletries to skin food and natural way of getting calmed and relaxed.
So getting the chance to raise awareness about the wonders of these essential oils, together with my friends, we were able to do a Make & Take Class in partnership with Gauranga Yoga team, held at Palmas Verdes Clubhouse in Dagupan City.
My friend, Cristy, who came all the way from Malaysia, shared tips and proper ways on how to use these essential oils. She also taught us how to make our own body lotion, hair serum, hand wash, face serum to a name a few, with some ingredients such as purified water, coconut oil (olive oil can also be a good alternative), liquid soap base (for hand wash, body wash), glycerin (which can be used for hair serum, face serum) and the lotion maker.
So far, my favorite oils are Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and, blend oils such as Stress Away, Purification and Peace & Calming oil which is also good for my baby Mori.
The Make & Take class raised awareness not only on how to maximize natural & organic products and making our own toiletries out from these oils but also an eye opener that, with these essential oils, we can also help ourselves not spending too much with commercial products hence, help our cashflow more healthy by savings.
How and where we can buy?
Young Living Essential Oil can be bought directly in USA. But, I heard that Young Living office will soon to open here in the Philippines, hopefully within 2018. To be able to get your own Young Living starter kit, you may sign up online. This would also give you another opportunity to turn it as a business.
Anyway, will give you more tips later on about the wonders of these oils. So excited with the upcoming Young Living convention to be held in KL, Malaysia this month.
Would definitely share with you all the learnings will take home from the convention. 😋

How to say it’s the perfect time?

God’s way + God’s will = God’s perfect timing 🙏🏼

This is the formula that most of us don’t understand well because we would like to push things according to our own way, will and timing. Hence, most situations we encounter, we fail. Sometimes, bigtime.

In most cases, our human instinct pushes as to fail because we lack trust and confidence to Him. But, our God still manage to turn around things and make us winners despite of failure.. That’s when learning and realizations come in.

When we fail due to our being stubborn and impatient, God still guide us and lead us where is the right path. However, being resistant is one of the reasons why we fail to go back to the path where we should be. Thus, our mistakes accumulate and we never really learned at all because we keep on repeating what is wrong.

But of course, God is a loving God. So He, again, manages to turn around things for our own good. That is where family and friends come in. He gave us people who He chose to be instruments to guide us, motivate us and tell us to get up.

You see, everything is a matter of God’s perfect way, will and timing. You just have the trust and faith He needs from you. It may not be given to you during the time you think you needed it the most. But, He will definitely give it to you the least you expect it because, He knows, it is when you TRULY need it the most.

So if you are feeling down, sad, beaten or upset. Always remember the formula. ☺️🙏🏼

How to deal with politics in your workplace?

You can’t please everyone. As much as you want to be friends with everybody, there are just these people who are not really fond of you, regardless how angelic your personality is. Even when you are just being you, they still misinterpret your actions and they are never open of understanding you simply because, they do not like you. From my own experience and observation, there are only two main factors which are being considered as the root cause of this workplace politics — insecurities and jealousy. Agree?

I have identified several angles of situations why these bunch of as*h*les are trying to pull you down.

1. You are entitled with good package at work. Well, reality check, there are just people who have good package (benefits) at work because they are good enough at what they do. What you earned both in your academics and your past work experiences speaks about it all. Since you have mastered what you are capable of then, the company is grateful to have you in the team thus, have offered you benefits that you can’t say no during the negotiation stage and these bunch of b*tches won’t ever understand you because they know nothing about what you do and what you are capable of.

2. The boss knows your worth. Since you are hired with good package, that means that your boss is pleased with your performance and not everyone are appreciative with what you can deliver. They will never see that because, they are being eaten by their insecurities and jealousy. So whenever your boss is exerting effort in tapping your back for a job well done, your workmates will see you as a leech who is trying to grab attention from the upper management.

3. You are just too kind that they can’t see anything wrong with you. Insecurities can kill and there’s no cure for jealousy. So, that workmate/s who happened to dislike you will never buy your good personality and will try to look for your small lapses which they intentionally want to use it against you. They will always try to influence as many people as possible and convince that you are not good and, will always try to pull you down by saying bad things about you.

4. You are a threat to them. At work, it’s inevitable that the upper management will see how good you are but these people will never see how smart or clever you are. They will only see you as a threat who’s doing his/her best in getting a role in the management and they will think that sooner or later, you will be taking over their position.

So how to handle b*tchiness in the office? Simple. You just have to follow these steps:

1. Always do things right the first time. I know these b*tches will go after you and will definitely look for small holes that may use it against you. Beware. The only thing to do is to make sure you do your work right the first time. Besides the only goal is to make your boss tap your back for a job well done.

2. Never compare yourself to others. You have your own skills and potentials, and you can never win by comparing yourself to others. It’s either you will realize they are better than you OR that you are not doing your part on becoming a better employee. You know what I mean? So, stop. Stop it before it will eat your whole ego.

3. Smile and ignore. It’s not so easy as 1,2,3 to just shake it off but, I tell you, it’s good enough, if not better, than to stress out yourself with pointless accusations and rootless complains. You can never win in an argument with people who’s only motivations are insecurities and jealousy.

And lastly…

4. Kill them with kindness. You owe no one for an explanation and you don’t need to prove yourself to everybody. As long as you are doing your job properly, your boss is happy with your work performance and you are delivering what is expected from you then you’ve got nothing to worry. Continue to be kind and a person with humility. Before you know it, they are already dying and would hate you even more for your kindness thus, would stop being b*tch to you.

Remember, it’s not you. It’s them.

Little ways in supporting #ZeroWaste

It’s been two (2) years now and counting when I started switching into organic and natural products. It’s really an amazing feeling being healthy in and out as well as helping the environment.

With this personal advocacy, I was able to research more and share these information with my family and friends who would also want to switch in green living. In addition, I was able to connect with other people and organizations who have the same advocacy as mine which gives me so much learnings and tips on how to be living healthier.

Part of my advocacy is to minimize and eventually be an individual who have zero waste materials to somehow contribute in minimizing the waste being thrown every single day. I know it wouldn’t be that easy as ABC but, I’m starting with some of my little ways.

Here are just few of my little efforts in support to #ZeroWaste:

Bamboo Straws


As an individual who is alarmed on what is happening to the environment, I’m trying to make simple efforts on how to help preserve what is left. And now, I am sharing to you this simple way to contribute in making our Earth a happier place to live.

One of the things that people are constantly using but not realizing the effects in the environment are the plastic straws; with an average usage of 1.6 straws per person and with around 500 million in total of straw wastes every single day. These plastic straws are small items that add up to the growing waste we currently have! Imagine the impact of these wastes in addition with other waste materials we throw every day? Disturbing! 😳

But, thanks to the people who have a heart to think of simple ways in helping the environment to breathe. I finally found a locally made bamboo straw which is reusable, good to the environment and most especially, purchasing these items helps people make a living.

The bamboo straws by Island Happy Ph are gathered by Tagbanuas in Aborlan, Palawan. So while being eco-friendly, we provide them with a livelihood.

Very affordable and stylish bamboo straws for you and your family and friends. Great items for personal use or as a gift. The package comes with two (2) bamboo straws, one (1) cleaner and a pouch for storage.

Please note that these bamboo straws are carefully handcrafted hence, availability takes about 10 days before it arrives. Want one? You may buy your own here: Mary’s Beauty Secrets for just a P150/package.

Menstrual Pads (Pasador)


I really thought of this move for not only once, twice or thrice. I’ve thought about this for quite some time especially that I never grew up in this kind of material being used. Plus, the thought of menstruation which is not really that hygienic. Hence, I’ve read gazillions of reviews and feedbacks and, I’ve convinced myself that this is really the right time and that it would help my budget as well (no more monthly shopping time for menstrual pads + contribution to waste!).

I was able to get my new and cute pasador pads from Binibining Lakambini through Hoy Bata Ph shop located in Parañaque. They have different types of pads depending on the flow of menstruation (heavy, moderate and slight) to choose from. They also have daily liners in replacement with panty liners.

There are so many benefits in using these pasador pads. Aside from it prevents your private part in getting rashes or itchiness, it also protects you not to acquire UTI and cancer. Here are the 10 benefits from Binibining Lakambini in using these pasadors:


Thinking to switch? You may directly order to Binibining Lakambini 🙂