New beginning.

As the song goes… Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. “

Nothing is permanent.. That, I’m aware of. I have had so much dependency that things will be on my way. But I did not notice that the things I never imagine could go along my way and hit me.

It was then that I realized that things change. As I resist the change within the road I’m taking, it gets back to me in return. Doubled. I can’t resist change. I should not. But it just hurts me so much. Yet, I can’t do anything but to just keep still and dance along the wave.

It’s not easy to deal with emotions, deep feelings if I mention. I lose my happy ending or was it really a happy ending? Sometimes, it’s no longer the happy ending but the happy little stories behind it.

All stories are not happy but it’s actually a choice if you wanna make it happy. Certain people will come along the way and hurt you, for you to realize things won’t go smooth all the time. And that, everyone is entitled to grow and change for the better.

Pain is the most effective teacher, indeed. Well in my case, I can say. It hurts so much, most especially letting go of the fairy tale we’ve built. I just have to let go… For if I return it will never be a lesson learned but is a lesson that never learned. Right there, you have already given that person the authority to hurt you again.

So stop. Stopping is the only choice. Stop the hurt and move along. For that, you just have to cut it and start it with a new beginning.

And no one is more responsible of this but you, yourself.

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