Simple happiness :)

As one of my favorite songs goes.. “Can’t steal happiness…”

One of the greatest feelings in the world is not just love.. But, HAPPINESS. We all know that happiness can never be bought.

And I am just so blessed to feel happy today.

Today is Saturday, my Math day. I am not good in Math and I have been hating Math not until last Saturday. And I am thankful for another Saturday full of learning plus got to see my crush which is my Professor in one of my subjects (just an inspiration, haha.).

My minion friends are just so supportive even in my studies. You see..

Not only that, today I have welcomed another members of Den’s & Minion Friends! Another extra happiness!

Thanks to my Professor crush, he’s good in explaining the topic and so we are able to get out of the room that early.

Thanks to the rain as well and to one of my friends (who accompanied me), we  decided to drop by at the nearest mall. Since, we’re already there, time to do my favorite pass time. ARCADE!

My friend and I played in a game where you need to drop a coin which in return you will get lotsa tickets when you’re able to drop all the coins in a hole. ‘Twas so much fun that my friend and I were not able to think on how much money we’ve already spent. Too bad, due to excitement I was not able to get a photo of the game booth we played.

Nevertheless, we were so happy that we hit our bonus goal! As a result, for a couple of minutes this is how many tickets we have collected:

And I am really planning to collect more. I am targeting that cute-medium-size-pink-and-fluffy stuff toy! [wish me luck :D]

Now bound to go home. Tiring yet happy-and-productive Saturday.

Rainy-yet-fun-and-happy day it is! Finally home with a dirty shoe tip. Haha.

Happiness is FREE. Never try to buy it.. ‘Coz it can never be. 🙂


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