Forever: A lie or real?

One of the most satisfying feelings in the world is to love and feel loved.

People come and go. That person may come in your life for just a period of time to teach and learn lessons or that person have come to your life because that person was written in your palm that he/she is really meant for you. Forever.

Forever is a lie. All along, that’s what I believed and I have lived with it for almost all my life. Actually, I really don’t understand what is the meaning of forever. Or what is the importance of that word or what’s the process behind it.

Life is a big playground for everyone and love is the biggest and ultimate game. Everyone plays it, everyone encounters it. And there, you will see that not everyone can win, some have failed or succeeded.

It depends you know. If love is just a one player game, I bet everyone has their own victorious celebration at their own expense.

But no, even life as the playground is useless without love playing inside of it. As life goes on, we meet a lot of people and share happy and sad memories with them.

It’s truly amazing that, for millions of people around the globe, there is only one person whom we will share our whole life and feel the love that can hold ’til forever.

Don’t be afraid to love and feel pain at the same time. When you play love, pain comes in. When you enjoy love, there is happiness. When you cheat love, it will bring you sadness. Love has its own way of teaching each of us on what we should learn.

I have loved and lost somebody and I never regret. I have loved and I have felt pain. Several times. But this doesn’t stop me in moving on with my life.

And now I have realized that it’s not the length of how long you were together in a relationship, but it’s how pure and sincere your intentions and love you have with your partner.

I knew some couples who were together for 10 years or so, yet they did not end up together. Reasons? Environmental forces and change. I know I shouldn’t sum it up as if I am the person in the situation but checking the reality, nothing else but it all boils down into those two words I have mentioned.

And because of this break up, we tend to change. A lot. It can be positive or negative change, I know you know what I mean. Sometimes, the root of the break up triggers our fears and may lead to a bad view to future people who would like to knock and try a chance of being with you. The fear of being in the same situation (as what your ex have done to you) and getting hurt. All over again.

Alright, I am also a victim. It is really difficult to just forgive and forget. I don’t think there’s such thing, you know. It is so impossible to just forget the person who have hurt you, most especially the things he/she did to you after a very good relationship with him/her.

Verdict, it’s either I will just escape people who would like to ask for a chance in showing their good intentions and to show how they love me or preventing them to meet you, so you’ll just have to be at the closet just to protect yourself in pain and judgments.

But you see, life is a big playground and the most exciting part for you to feel the playground is for you to play a good game which is love.

Not because it hurts, doesn’t mean we’re gonna die.

And not because you have hurt because of the past, doesn’t mean present or future person who will ask to share your everyday life is the same as your past.

Nonetheless, for now, enjoy first the process of healing and enjoying a life with no problems but thinking and loving more yourself.

To love and to be loved is the most awesome-st feeling yet the most painful one.

You’ll never know the answer unless otherwise, you have tried it and have a happy life.

And some time in your life, someone will make you realize that…

Forever is real.


4 thoughts on “Forever: A lie or real?

  1. Forever?

    The dreaded 7-letter word. I fear this word, because I think forever is a limitation. Why would a limitless/endless measure of time seems be a hindrance on our relationships? Why would a single “forever and ever” a simple line be a devastating blow on our own self-esteem until its meaning suddenly stopped?

    Rolling the dice called “FOREVER” drastically makes us, forget that love is a constant fulfillment of a need on your exact polar opposite. Feelings change, people change, the economy goes on circles of booms and bust, Night and day, summer and fall, ups and lows, pain and fun, rain and sun…. We can assume that change is constant but it loops on cycles so basically– it does not change too.

    Understanding nature, means understanding everything. Love will suffice relationships, and need suffice love. It is a closed loop, one needs to fulfill in order to achieve harmony. Basically this means forever for us… But the dreaded word forever uttered by our mouths without thinking is a limitation(like what i have said upstairs)if one doesn't understand it fully.

    Make him fall in love everyday. Because it is your responsibility otherwise relationships will crumble like a sand castle. Worried about getting stagnant? Or familiarity breeds contempt? Every five years, none is the same person. It is a proven fact, that every parts of our body including our psyche is completely alien from the latter. We can compare love is like a dance. It is basically you and me, dancing on a tempo where the music dictates(cycles)the steps while mirroring each other.

    Until the music stops….then we can call it forever….


  2. Indeed. When you say it through your lips, its a pure word. But when you say it through your heart, only then you will understand its meaning.

    Well said, Blue Munky. Thanks for droppin by. 🙂


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