Because I can do better.

Why do I have to cry over a spilled milk?

Today, I realized that I am an important person.. That I should not cry over a spilled milk or even waste my tears with people who have hurt me more than anything else.
Was it really today? Oh well, it doesn’t matter anymore when but the important thing is I have realized my worth.
To my parents, I am a princess and that they have not done anything that could really hurt me. Its because they love me that much. To my friends, though few, I am a blessing and why should I be bothered to people who have chose to exit in my life, I still got my true friends. To the people who believed in me from the start they’ve met me until now that I am already in the stage where I have already gained something that is irreplaceable and can be proud of. Why should I let go of these people and lost my attention to them over crazy people who want to ruin my name? Well, I finally found the answers to my questions.
I am a blessing and I have already touched lives of people who really believes in me. I know I am not perfect, but I know I am doing the right things in life in a just manner.
There are a lot of people who have hurt me so bad but I know to myself that the “hurt” should never be my basis to have a revenge and hurt these people who have hurt me first. Because I know it will be useless and pointless.
I know my worth and so I know that these people will eventually realize my worth too that will make them regret what they have done to me.
There’s no other way for me but to prove to them that all the bad things they’ve said about me are not true and that I will live my life happier than ever.
The moment they have decided to get out of my life and broke my trust, it’s clear that these people don’t want to be part of my precious-awesome life. And I should not be bothered.
The most important is that even these people have hurt and exited in my life, I’m still alive and I have everyday to prove that I can be a better person even without them.
And that everyday is a new day to live happier and prove them my worth.

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