After a week of work and study, it is but a good idea to somehow unwind by doing things that could give you a space.

It is a wonderful Sunday indeed and good thing I have a great friend who is really fun to be with. He is one of my friends whom I could really entrust my life with and a person with so much ideas that I won’t be bored to talk with for a hundred years or more. He’s J and he is one of the intelligent gents in the world.

Since we’re both bored in our own quarters, we have decided to meet at the nearest mall and watch a Filipino movie, Tuhog. Yes, it’s so intriguing and so that’s what we have chosen.

It was lunch then when we met at a fast food chain and decided to eat there while waiting for the 2:45pm show.

After which, right on time to get a ticket and watch the chosen movie.

And we are so lucky today, after watching the movie we have chosen, there is one cinema that’s giving a free movie ticket for a Japanese Anime Film, before we think of what to do, we are already inside of the movie house. Haha!

We’re grateful with the free movie tickets, really, however the anime film was not a movie but a series and so we have decided to just go out of the movie house and just try to chill somewhere else.

What a happy feet we have that we walked wherever it led us.

We have also discovered a very good milk tea shop. We are having a happy tummy and a satisfied face!

We have talked about anything and everything under the sun but we’re not wrapping our day yet and we have crossed the department store that made us see Akari, the new bag of my friend J. [The name Akari was picked from the Japanese anime film we have watched a while ago, haha!]

After the long hours of talking, we have decided to have our dinner with a delish-smoked patty with yummy veggies at one of my favorite burger shops. So spoiled indeed!

Life is short and so we should always appreciate of what we have and what we can do. Every second passed is a history so don’t do anything that could make you regret after a second, instead enjoy it as much as you can.



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