Another world

When I hear this song, it puts a smile in my face and makes me close my eyes, and think how wonderful life is. I feel so blessed of what I have, it boosts my confidence and it lifts my soul as if rejoicing in the air.

With this song, it takes me to another world.

I can see myself laughing and playing in the beautiful forest of hopes and dreams.
The place where all impossible is possible, where all unreachable is just a one step away.
There are no shattered moments but dreams that come true.

Where everything is smooth, light, happy and colorful.
Everything and everyone is singing the song of a good melody that I’ve never been heard before.
That everything is spontaneous and awesome, where everyone brings in and out good deeds.

Where there is no sadness but happy thoughts, no pain but joy and no tragedies but love.

A place where everyone knows no hatred but forgiveness.
A place where there’s no secrecy but transparency.
A place where we hold hands with no shameful feelings.
A place of confidence and courage.
A place where everyone knows to listen and speak about love to others.

When I hear this song, it leads me to a world of decency and a world full of love and unity.
Where there is no war but peace.

And a place where I could dance with my bare feet and never get tired.

And I am in this place whenever this song plays in my mind, my heart and in my soul.


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