For all the girls who has a golden heart

You. Yes, you. The princess in the eyes of every king and queen.

You, that serves as the strength of a man who you deserve. Smile and don’t be sad.

You, who has a beautiful soul.
Let me tell you that you are more beautiful beyond what the eyes can see.

You may fail but this doesn’t mean you will fail all the time.

You may feel pain, but only if you will give permission.

Remember, you are beautiful beyond what you know.

You are smart and bubbly,
You are the light in every home.
You are wonderful inside and out.
It’s okay to cry, if it needs to.
So don’t be shy because you need it too.

Bear in mind that it is not always a happy story.
But at times, speak your mind and let them hear good and joyful things from you.
Remember that everything happens for a reason and don’t forget to put a smile in your everyday life.
There are definitely ups and downs but when you stumble and fall,
remember to get up as twice as you can.

You are one of a kind.
So don’t be sad if others don’t appreciate you for a moment.
Because there is that someone who will see your natural glow.

Find someone who will not make you cry.
But if he does, it is because of joyful moments.
And, instead will cry with you and wipe the tears in your eyes.
Find someone who will not get mad when you are having your tantrums,
But someone who will understand you unconditionally.

Never let anyone feel you down or doubt what you believe or
pollute your mind on the things you know is right.
Stand on what you want to fight for I know you will only be fighting for righteousness and truth.

Remember that most of the time you will be fickle minded but also remember that your natural sweetness will make them forget how moody you can be.

You may think a lot of negative things,
You may be a nagger all day,
You may be breaking glasses and plates because you’re angry
Or shout in the wilderness
But I tell you, you still deserve the best.

Always, the BEST.


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