Life is but a journey, as we ride along, we shouldn’t miss the curves, ups and downs for it would give you the best excitement feeling in the world. LEARNING.

As we go with the flow, it is cool to have some beat that fits our eardrums. You know, it’s like having an endless joyride..



The wind blew as I remember you.
My world’s so blue because you made it so.
I am bended knee but you chose to throw it all away.
And so I have stood up and now you’re chasing me.
Tell me what have I done?
Tell me what’s wrong?
I need to forget,
I don’t want to lament.
I’ve uttered enough words
Have respected and showed righteous way
Yet you still betrayed me.
And I’m sorry
I can tell you now,
Thank you for making me not to stay.

Life is a matter of perspective.

We have had a general cleaning at home on a Sunday morning as it was the only day that it strikes me to be that “working” at home.

I was browsing then all my stuff and suddenly an old book of mine crossed my eyes.

I got the chance of reading it as I was so tired and feel the need to relax by reading whatever available.

The first chapter caught my attention and I would also want to share it with you all. Somehow, realize something about life and how we see it, how we handle or deal with it.

The book is entitled: The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese by Francis J. Kong

Chapter 1: If you love something…

Life is a matter of perspective.

The author received a funny little article about loving something:

If you love something, set it free…
If it comes back, it’s yours; If it doesn’t, it never was yours in the first place.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she ever comes back, she’s yours, If she doesn’t, well, as expected, she never was.

If you love somebody, set her free…
Don’t worry, she will come back.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she ever comes back, ask her why.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she doesn’t come back within some time limit, forget her.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she doesn’t come back, continue to wait until she comes back…

If you love somebody, set her free…
*If she comes back, and if you love her still, set her free again, repeat*

If you love somebody, set her free…
Clause 1a of Paragraph 13a-1 in the second amendment of the Matrimonial Freedom Act states that…

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she loves you, the probability of her coming back is high.
If she doesn’t, your relationship was improbable anyway.

If you love somebody don’t ever set her free.

If you love somebody, set her free… instantaneously… and look for others simultaneously.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she comes back, her super ego is dominant. If she doesn’t come back, her IQ is supreme. If she doesn’t go, she must be crazy.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she comes back, it’s time for you to look for fresh loans. If she doesn’t write her off as an asset gone bad.

If you love somebody, set her free…
If she comes back, she has a brand loyalty. If she doesn’t reposition the brand in new markets.

And the author’s version:

If you love somebody, you will care enough to share your life to help, to give, rather than to get or receive.
If you love somebody, you will rejoice at that person’s success.
And most importantly…
If you love somebody, you would pray for that person and bring him or her to the Savior.

Now that’s what the real issue in love is all about. And that’s the right perspective.

* * *

You see, life is a matter of perspective. It always depend on how you see life will go on, specially during bad times.

The universe will treat you the way you want in accordance to how you would want to be treated.

Cheers to a good and happy life! xoxo

Growing Old and Growing Up

I am sitting at one corner of the office while everybody is busy doing stuff. (But I was busy, I just found myself sitting when everything went well and the flow in the office is already smooth, so I guess I’m not guilty of writing my thoughts right now. :P)

It was my cousin’s day yesterday and before that day came, she just kept saying she don’t want to face it. She just turned 22 and she insisted that she want to stay 21 forever (I know right.)

Anyway, this idea of growing old and growing up came inside of me because I suddenly remember one of my favorite books I’ve read which is authored by Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie. There’s a chapter of that book where they have tackled about growing old and growing up.

It retained in my mind that getting old is never bad and having wrinkles or be matured physically is not ugly after all. It’s more of an evidence of what you have experienced and what you have became from all the things you have encountered while growing as an individual.

You are in your 20’s today and then in a blink of an eye you are already 30. Time flies so fast, I know. We didn’t notice it since, whether we admit it or not, we are too busy dealing with our environment, chasing all our goals and dreams to achieve. And when we suddenly feel heavy, that’s when we think of pausing for a moment; in that span of time we realized that we are too busy growing up that we no longer notice that we are already old.

When that happens, that’s the time we ran out of seconds to do the things we love.. We neglect to do the things that can make us happy and it’s already hard to stop or change routines. That’s is when “what ifs” becomes clingy in your daily.

My cousin have asked me, “are you not bothered that you are turning 25 this year?”. Another thing that really retained in my mind after reading Albom’s book is to not envy the people who are currently on their young age and you are already older than them. There’s nothing to be envy with as I myself have gone with each of the age of being a person. I was once a 1 year old baby, a 15 year old and a 20 year old and a 24 year old. Sooner or later you will also be in my age as you grow older.

Everybody’s even when it comes to age but not everyone is even on the experiences you’ll get. Growing old means the number of your age and growing up is your development as a person. Growing old can never be controlled (unless you have a time machine of going back to the old times when you were still a baby) but growing up is… Because growing up is a choice.

That is the reason why whenever it’s my birthday, I never say I’m growing old instead I am, again in the stage that I am growing up. No more going back to being 20 but accepting that you are in your current age and facing the truth that you are more brave and tough to face life’s challenges, and an experienced person that is ready to help young people by guiding and advising them to what is wrong and right.

So don’t be afraid of growing old as long as when you grow older each year, you are also growing up in experience.


Nakatingin sa alapaap,

At parang nakalutang.
Nagiisip ng mahusay
Sa kailaliman ng lumbay.
Nakatago at naghihintay
Sa araw ng pagbitay.
Napapawi ang litong kaisipan,
Kapag nakitang ang mundo’y kumakaway.
Sa kalawakan ng karunungan,
Maraming tao ang ‘di mapalagay.
Ngunit sa bawat bigkas ng salita
Ika’y unting pinapatay,
Upang ikaw ay sumuko na
At ‘wag ng lumaban pa,
Ng ang paghihirap ay matapos na.