Trust me when I say, I will be okay.

Pray. It will make you feel better.
Smile. It will make you feel lighter.
Love the people around you and,
Let go, it will make your life easier.
Happiness is not a destiny,
It’s a choice.
It’s not an obligation,
But a right that everyone has.
You deserve it,
So let go..
You will not feel blue.
For a moment of sadness,
You will find endless happiness.

Despite the realm of imperfection

Tick tack from the wall clock, strong horns from the vehicles outside, the many mouths chattering and its words dancing in the air and landing on my ears. Crazy world, isn’t it?

I finally got the chance to travel and go home to my hometown, as traditionally speaking, during this All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, families gather and spend “quality” time together.

It was a wonderful and sunny morning when the birds are chirping and the kettle is singing. Oh! What a great day to sip my coffee outside with the people I used to play with — cousins!

This is only the time and place in the whole wide world that I can complain, procrastinate all day and do crazy things I really wanna do with people who have no choice but to accept the whole me. Home. Family.

I was then on my routine of having to cut my nails. I was in the part of our sofa and while cutting my toe nails, the scenario suddenly made me smile. The realization of having my me-time of cutting my toe nails and doing crazy things with these folks, sipping my coffee as if I own all the time in the world — just made me smile and feel blessed and lucky at the same.

It’s not so difficult to appreciate the life that you have, for as long as you have accepted what you are able and capable to do and offer, be contented with what the universe if giving you, then I guess life is more easy than what you think it is.

Everything has its purpose and reasons, for whatever it may be, you just have to appreciate it. Being contented with all your heart, makes everything perfect despite of the realm of imperfections. Love is all we need and love is what we make it. Pour your heart with love and let it flow to others, and by such, you will be loved as much as you love.

And before the clock says it’s already lunch, I’mma need to empty my cup of coffee. Ah! I will need to think of another crazy thing to do.

Indeed, a happy holiday!