Day dreaming

Just like the clouds

dancing in the sky,
the pavements are still
way up high.
To climb means you might fall
but who cares
there’s a ground.
So stand when you fall,
as it will teach you the right and wrong.
To sway is to dance
no worries about the crowd,
Dance right now,
later you take a bow.
Feel your breath
and you’ll understand why.
Claps in the air
will sing to your ear.
As life is a labyrinth
that you walk with might
to somehow find
the way up to the sky.

Decision is like a train and stations are the options.

I was in the middle of my journey going to the office one sunny morning. It was in the middle of the week and I must not wonder why these tons of people are like zombie trying to get to the ¬†fence. Thanks for being petite, the navigation, though hard and crowded, made me at the other side just as quick as I want to be. There are things — which I couldn’t help not to notice — that this train station has been teaching me every single day — to be patient.
Patience is a virtue. I heard that, when a person has patience, I know he is gifted. A gift from above that only few people has… And I am not one of them. I tend to lose all control whenever things don’t get on my way. I know, I’m a big example of stubborn-hard-headed creature, but what can I do? But life would actually teach you, like it or not, to learn the things you actually don’t know and to accept all these, no matter what and no matter how long will it take for you to absorb it.
Everyday, I am learning to stop, listen and look at what direction should I be in or which path do I need to take; to walk slowly and to walk as fast as I could if it needs to. Before, I rarely pause and reflect from all the things I’m doing, well I guess I think of it as a routine and not as something I should be thankful for. But later on of the day, it helps me to grow internally, spiritually and be mature enough to realize things from its simplest forms to its complex.
Life is so much wonderful to waste. Life is something tangible and intangible at the same time. You have to make use of it in its excellence and enjoy its colorful stages as you go along the way.
Another lesson that this train have taught me is how to settle my simple issues in life and how to stand firm on the little and big things I have decided to take. It’s not that easy you know, deciding which way to go, since every single day is a battle, like a soldier crawling just to finish the obstacle course and the race that every single person is up to.
One choice could lead me into that chaotic scene, one choice could mean going back to the end of the line and start queuing again to enter and win the pit. Everything seems to slow yet a fast track in my vivid vision, I see myself standing right in the middle of the crowd, everyone is walking in all directions as fast as they could, some even are running towards the end of the station to catch the train’s door before it closes. Some are bumping each other, some complains and some just don’t mind. I am like an invisible animal that tries to think of what to do. I should really be taking this pause-moment to battle with my brain and settle with what I think is right for me and gain more of what I need before deciding which path to take.
One choice, can or cannot ruin my day. It would always be about me and it all boils down on the decisions I’m about to give. A decision that will surely change the course of my life… For that day.

Well, so much for that.. 

I must be thankful for this train station though, that no matter how long the journey is, I know where it will take me. I know that it will stop, to where I need to be. And at the end of the day, there’s only one thing I know where I’ll be… Home.
Written just before I close the window of my computer and punch my time out card. Over and out!