Thank God for the second life

I was in my exercise mode -walking- together with my forever buddy -earphones- while listening to all the songs that I have stored in my iPod, I guess, a year ago and never bother to update it. I was in the winding road and feels like I was walking in my own road, in my own world -I don’t even care with the noise of the vehicle horns and people chatting about other people- and I just feel so spontaneous and has been exercising my freedom well.

I don’t think much aside from wandering around the vicinity of my place which I am always curious how it ended up to be like that -what’s the process again of evaporation and sedimentation? Oh, how’d you build a residential unit that was way taller than trees? Will I ever have the chance of seeing stars at night amidst the thick pollution that’s covering the real sky?

I was really busy identifying answers to my own out-of-the-road questions, when suddenly I heard a very loud, but not so freaky sounds which came from the top of her lungs, a stranger who have been like singing yet out of tune song, as if she wanna say something -which caught my attention.

Before I could even inhale my next batch of oxygen, my whole nervous system have saved me from a very destructive way of death! And suddenly my ears heard the ringing of a very alarming sound, all pictures and people whom I know –in bad and good way– flashes before my eyes. My lips, though just swiped my almost-empty lipstick became paler than ever and my every nerve was electrified!

It was then about 5 minutes after what had happened sank in me. Thank God for a second life. Thanks to the Universe who have saved me through all the unusual and alarming sounds. Another life to be thankful for, another life to be giving more importance to do what is good. Another life to celebrate.

Thank God for my second life. :’)