Cagbalete Island

Rainy season is already approaching and I never thought I would still have my summer escapade this year. But it turned out to be not-so-late and have decided to take a long ride and reach where a hidden paradise is.

Our team have decided to have a journey in Cagbalete Island located in Mauban, Quezon Province. From Manila, you have the option to ride a JAC liner bus in Buendia (near Gil Puyat Station) or in Cubao terminal.

Fare for regular passenger from Buendia to Lucena Grand Terminal is P210 and for students (like me! HA!) of course, P170.

The team have decided to take the ride in Buendia at around 12AM and we have thought that bus will take its journey around 2AM but the JAC liner people have mentioned that the ride going to Lucena Grand Terminal is 24-hour — passengers just need to be patient in waiting for the bus which happens to be coming from Cubao terminal.

We rode the bus passed 12AM and we arrived in Lucena Grand Central Terminal at around pass 3AM. From the terminal, we have rode the mini bus going to Mauban proper which will cost you a regular fare of P54. We arrived at Mauban Pantalan port around 7AM.

From Mauban proper, you need to ride a tricycle to get to the port. Fare is P10 each. And, here we safely arrived!

We are too early for the next ride which will be at 10AM. But if you really want to be at the island earlier, you may get a private boat for P1,500 good for 3-5 persons.

Once arrived, you need to register your names and pay P50 each for Tourism and Environmental fee. At the boat, you need to pay P50 for fare from the port to Cagbalete Island.

The big boat has a capacity of about 80-100 persons and the ride would be about 45-60 minutes.

It has life jackets but we did not use it. Just saying.

The engine started about 9AM and still island adventurers are continuously coming.


The sail was smooth, though its a little wavy but just right to keep us fall asleep. The water is like the sky, there’s a part which is in a deep blue in color and some part is like the sky blue, and the other part with some shade of green. Excitement will really get into your system!

Later… My eyes found this!

A glimpse of the island!

As it is low tide, during that time, we need to stop a little far and need to ride this flat boat, as they call it, to get to the shore.

Now we have two options to get to the resort we chose, Pansacola resort, where we’ll stay for the night: Ride a boat for 20mins or walk for about 20-30 minutes and we chose to walk to really feel the adventure here!



Thank God for this wonderful place!

We found a new friend named Clarence, our little tour guide!

We really like this clever and smart Clarence! We’ll definitely see you again, buddy. 🙂

We got at the resort for just about 25-minute walk. We rented a tree house, good for 5 persons, but when you see it, up to 10 persons can be accommodated! Sorry never had the chance to take a picture, I was too excited!

The resort offer meals too! We have paid P950/person for 3 sets of meals and 2 sets of snacks.

For Lunch — now this is really paradise!



And here’s for the set of snack:


After these pictures, I didn’t bother to take photos of the other remaining meals! Haha!

Stomach’s set, mind is fully conditioned, body’s so excited and now off to hook and play in the beach!

BTS of the should-be corporate photoshoot with lovely people!

Oh hey, the continuous shot experiment of our photoshoot. I loved it!

White sand, different color flags. Oh did I mention they have this volleyball net? Hurray for a beach volley!

You can also bring your own tent if you want to stay outdoor. You may want to bring your own liquor, chips and oh water! Don’t forget your playing cards too!

During our stay, the best part is the evening star gazing in the middle (since its low tide, my assuming is a one or two kilometer walk before the knee high water) of the ocean, floating and my eyes wide open. You see the dark sky with stars as if painted on it.. Thousands of stars that I felt like I am inside a planetarium! That moment where the wavy-yet-calm water and your breathe is the only music in your ears, surrounded by planktons that’s lighting the sea and there, thousand of stars blinking straight at me, SO BEAUTIFUL. Lucky me, I have seen a shooting star! That is the most wonderful thing that happened that night.

One of the best scenes after dark is the sunshine and the (dream come true of seeing the..) SAND WAVES!

During dawn until 11AM the sea is in its low tide that you’ll get to see these sand waves formation! And gets back to its normal and will be at its low tide again at around 4-5PM.

To all surfers, skim-boarders out there, this side of the beach is not really for you, but the other resorts like Dona Choleng, Sto Nino and MVT might work for your boards. 🙂

Here’s another one.

Sun-kissed and bonding with nature!

And I would never let this trip pass by without my signature tumbling moment! Trademark!

Bonus with the tequila moment with friends, this escapade really made my summer 2014! Teehee!

Here’s the panorama shot for you!

Angels on Earth

There are two good reasons why we are in the face of the Earth and below the sky (for at least MY reasons why I am existing). It is the conquest of all human, as I see it, that we are searching for:
Love and Happiness.
I don’t need pretty clothes, fancy make ups and luscious food to feed my happiness. But in the middle of my life’s journey, I know clearly what my happiness comprises of.
I won’t mind spending all my money just to be with these wonderful people who could actually make my world upside down! They’re my little-but-biggest-happiness in the world!
My beautiful nieces (Thea and Denyce) who are so into camera like their aunt! So lovely, isn’t it?
Aki, my nephew is singing and dancing with his ever-supportive audience!

Good-looking boy with his good-looking actions!

And here comes the superman, Aki! He’s actually impersonating someone, I just can’t figure out who it is. He’s just so adorable! I know!
Denyce is really a good actress! She’ll definitely be a good one in front of you.
Trying to break the ice! Haha~
She just want me to capture this photo of her! She just can’t get enough!
Oh! And she’s even using her mom’s make-ups! Look!
She’s looking around, somebody might see her~
She painted her nose! This really made my night!
She really seem not know yet where it is use for! HAHA~ Even so, she’s just sooo cute!
I went home last weekend and I just don’t wanna travel back the city. I don’t mind being with these fellas, it seems colorful like rainbow with all those sugar pops and can’t-really-understand wordings but surrounded by the sweetest giggles, and laughters!
Kidding aside, these LOs really liked the camera and what else to do? Maximise it!
She’s making sure she’s giving her best wacky shot!
We’re teasing the camera!
Not bad to have another strike!
My baby doesn’t know how to pout. Hmmm~
Thea’s trying to compose her wacky shot! Sorry baby, I am in the mood of grinning!
And Thea with her rock and roll pose! Seriously?!
Grinning while still have many teeth~

With them, I know I don’t need to be in heaven to see true angels. These are just few, I still got more angels back home.

So if people think I needed BIG presents to be happy, well, let me be with these cuties and I’ll tell you, yes, they are BIG enough reason for me to be HAPPY!

Have I mentioned that they loved faeries? Oh, I loved faeries too! 🙂

Loosen up the grip

“Things pass, and the best we can do is to let them really go away.” ~PC

The quote which caught my attention this morning. It made me pause for a moment and I know there is something that the universe want to whispher.. Which I have understood.

Sometimes, situation, from its simplest to complex, there is no other way to get out but to just go with the flow. The more force you exert, the more you’ll be stuck in the middle.

Brief but heavy, and meaningful. It speaks of the thousand thoughts which rambling in my head.

Well, will just shake my head and will walk all along and keep smiling. Life will always be wonderful,  no matter what. 

Loosening my grip, there, I know it felt better.

Life is unfairly fair.

My head’s pounding and my temperature’s rising right at this moment. And this is one of the feelings I really don’t wanna entertain, especially when alone (thank God I’m in the office). Guessing my temperature makes it 38 and the vicinity amidst failure of the cold-blowing machines, I still feel cold! Yikes!

I remember when I was talking to PCoelho, who is actually one of faves, but yeah I was actually talking to his books (they seem to be talking to me too!), that life is only one. That even we already made a decision and made mistakes, it’s still life. Sometimes, I question life as why it is being unfair?
Life is fair, I came to realize that despite of the hell-o fever that’s burning my inside and outside body, I know that is somehow fair. It will always be about how we look on our life, our situation we are facing right now.. We find it really unfair because not everything that we want will be done according to how we want it to be. And that all that we desire to have, will not always be granted.
We just have to learn to adjust on the real world, that whatever we want in our life is not always as easy as asking for a candy. It can never be bought too. We cannot just held out money all the time, just to get what we like in our life.
We just have to accept and move on. Life is beautiful to mess it up. After all, we only have one. If people hurt you, remember that you have also hurt others. And when the time comes that every wound was healed, and all efforts were given back, all forgiveness were given, then that could be, maybe, the time we could say that life is not bad after all. 

Singlehood rocks

I remember when I was a kid, the only thing that people around me, especially my grandparents (Imma grand-kid grown-up, yeah) is to make sure I am obeying the afternoon sleep routine and been eating a lot more green, and less junk foods. It is actually the most difficult part of being a child, where all you ever wanted is to play and eat all junk foods as long as you want.

I remember one afternoon, in our bamboo-nipa hut house, we were told to sleep in order to grow faster and stronger. As my life revolves in play-time, I fake my afternoon sleep for about an hour! I know it’s sounds so ridiculous! Funny! It was a very nice memory, that whenever I look back, it always draw a smile in my face. And I am proud that I was born in such time and with wonderful family, though not have everything but happy and contented with what we have. 
When I started going to college, the only thing that my parents gave too much weight is the trust they have given for me not to get pregnant (as what the universe has been showing to parents those days, well, many of the young people that time, who went out of the house and have gone to college usually go back home with a baby inside their tummy! — I couldn’t imagine myself getting pregnant at such young age, no way!) But I already made myself clear before I entered college and the only problems I have for the rest of my studying days, which are always my billion-dollar questions — What to eat today? How to challenge myself to save? and How can I get the most useful out of the best ideas I have in my neurons? Ugh.
Looking back at those problems seems to be not a problem at all. These, which I think “problems” are the most funny problems I have before. Silly it is, yeah.
When I graduated, the pressure that the universe have made me feel is the urgency to have a work and tell to the world how brilliant I am. That I am equipped with all the weapons needed and I am just waiting for a war to happen. And finally got it.
As time passes by, the pressure that I am feeling, from the tiny drops of rain have made it like the big craters of the moon. 
At my age of the present time, the pressure that was given to me is a big question, and even I, have been questioning myself if it is really possible to meet? Everyone has been asking me about marriage.  A year ago of heartbreak and this question has been like a rotten egg. No more ideal age and no more ideal imaginations of what are the things I wanna do on “that” big day.
Am I really that old and everybody is pushing me to my own death row pardon? Geez, I am already laughing about this but at the back of my mind, there are certain things that are really questionable. But who am I to question fate?
Some say the past have drawn a big crack on my point of view about marriage, but I guess it is the maturity level of my mind that sets it all, bonus is the past (but it really made an impact though). But it would never bother me, there are a lot of people not really into marriage and still manage to be happy. 
I have a colleague who have just celebrated her 30th birthday and I was amazed when I found out she is still single. I mean, she is beautiful inside and out and I can’t somehow figure it out why?
Well, she simply say, “I’m 30, single and happy. Even if I wanna settle and have my own family, the right guy is not just around yet.” But I kept on asking, “how will you know he’s the right guy if you didn’t even bother to have one?”. “There is no one I can say yes yet as there is no brave guy who would try to bump my way and get my attention right then and there,” she said.
I wouldn’t mind actually, being single and all, I mean not getting married too soon. As I understand the predicaments of my ever-supporting people behind my back, I am still not listening to anybody, for I believe that if it is already according to God’s time, then it will happen without any force.
Though I didn’t say that I don’t want to enter the marriage chapters but somehow clear to me that I am not into the possibility to enter soon. The most important part is to do all the things that could make me happy first and spend the rest of my single days with quality people which could offer quality information (learning!) then I guess, I wouldn’t mind being single and yes, beautiful! 🙂