Getting out.

As we are very comfortable of where we are, we tend to just hide ourselves and let not the world know you. We are braver inside of the box we made so no one can hurt us. No one can make us cry and no one can crash our hearts. 
But sometimes in your life, you will soon be aware of the changes that are already knocking on your door. 
Life is short and you have to make decisions right then and there.
I remember my father told me, “it’s okay to decide and later on found out that you made a mistake and somehow regret. Regrets and mistakes are part of being a human. So decide today according to what you feel, if one day you’ll wake up and realize you made a mistake, then laugh at yourself. For at least you’ve tried and you are a human. Lessons will be learned and next time, you will be wiser in making decisions.” How can I argue?
Today, I have decided to be brave. Braver than before. Stand out for myself and let the fate do the favor. I will care less or better yet, not at all.
The bravest thing you can do is to let go of something you have been holding on for a long time with no clear possibility of what will happen next. But eventually, you will be thankful and you will come to your senses that you have done something that has changed your life forever… And made you even better.
Today is the day I will let go of the stupidity I have in my system. Today, I will be wiser, braver and fiercer. No one has the right to hurt me and I will no longer allow them to do so.
No more care. No more thinking of others. No more tears and no more taking care of others feelings.
This time, it’s mine. And I will let the dice roll. I guess, it won’t hurt me try it. Let’s do this! 🙂

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