Singlehood rocks

I remember when I was a kid, the only thing that people around me, especially my grandparents (Imma grand-kid grown-up, yeah) is to make sure I am obeying the afternoon sleep routine and been eating a lot more green, and less junk foods. It is actually the most difficult part of being a child, where all you ever wanted is to play and eat all junk foods as long as you want.

I remember one afternoon, in our bamboo-nipa hut house, we were told to sleep in order to grow faster and stronger. As my life revolves in play-time, I fake my afternoon sleep for about an hour! I know it’s sounds so ridiculous! Funny! It was a very nice memory, that whenever I look back, it always draw a smile in my face. And I am proud that I was born in such time and with wonderful family, though not have everything but happy and contented with what we have. 
When I started going to college, the only thing that my parents gave too much weight is the trust they have given for me not to get pregnant (as what the universe has been showing to parents those days, well, many of the young people that time, who went out of the house and have gone to college usually go back home with a baby inside their tummy! — I couldn’t imagine myself getting pregnant at such young age, no way!) But I already made myself clear before I entered college and the only problems I have for the rest of my studying days, which are always my billion-dollar questions — What to eat today? How to challenge myself to save? and How can I get the most useful out of the best ideas I have in my neurons? Ugh.
Looking back at those problems seems to be not a problem at all. These, which I think “problems” are the most funny problems I have before. Silly it is, yeah.
When I graduated, the pressure that the universe have made me feel is the urgency to have a work and tell to the world how brilliant I am. That I am equipped with all the weapons needed and I am just waiting for a war to happen. And finally got it.
As time passes by, the pressure that I am feeling, from the tiny drops of rain have made it like the big craters of the moon. 
At my age of the present time, the pressure that was given to me is a big question, and even I, have been questioning myself if it is really possible to meet? Everyone has been asking me about marriage.  A year ago of heartbreak and this question has been like a rotten egg. No more ideal age and no more ideal imaginations of what are the things I wanna do on “that” big day.
Am I really that old and everybody is pushing me to my own death row pardon? Geez, I am already laughing about this but at the back of my mind, there are certain things that are really questionable. But who am I to question fate?
Some say the past have drawn a big crack on my point of view about marriage, but I guess it is the maturity level of my mind that sets it all, bonus is the past (but it really made an impact though). But it would never bother me, there are a lot of people not really into marriage and still manage to be happy. 
I have a colleague who have just celebrated her 30th birthday and I was amazed when I found out she is still single. I mean, she is beautiful inside and out and I can’t somehow figure it out why?
Well, she simply say, “I’m 30, single and happy. Even if I wanna settle and have my own family, the right guy is not just around yet.” But I kept on asking, “how will you know he’s the right guy if you didn’t even bother to have one?”. “There is no one I can say yes yet as there is no brave guy who would try to bump my way and get my attention right then and there,” she said.
I wouldn’t mind actually, being single and all, I mean not getting married too soon. As I understand the predicaments of my ever-supporting people behind my back, I am still not listening to anybody, for I believe that if it is already according to God’s time, then it will happen without any force.
Though I didn’t say that I don’t want to enter the marriage chapters but somehow clear to me that I am not into the possibility to enter soon. The most important part is to do all the things that could make me happy first and spend the rest of my single days with quality people which could offer quality information (learning!) then I guess, I wouldn’t mind being single and yes, beautiful! 🙂

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