Life is unfairly fair.

My head’s pounding and my temperature’s rising right at this moment. And this is one of the feelings I really don’t wanna entertain, especially when alone (thank God I’m in the office). Guessing my temperature makes it 38 and the vicinity amidst failure of the cold-blowing machines, I still feel cold! Yikes!

I remember when I was talking to PCoelho, who is actually one of faves, but yeah I was actually talking to his books (they seem to be talking to me too!), that life is only one. That even we already made a decision and made mistakes, it’s still life. Sometimes, I question life as why it is being unfair?
Life is fair, I came to realize that despite of the hell-o fever that’s burning my inside and outside body, I know that is somehow fair. It will always be about how we look on our life, our situation we are facing right now.. We find it really unfair because not everything that we want will be done according to how we want it to be. And that all that we desire to have, will not always be granted.
We just have to learn to adjust on the real world, that whatever we want in our life is not always as easy as asking for a candy. It can never be bought too. We cannot just held out money all the time, just to get what we like in our life.
We just have to accept and move on. Life is beautiful to mess it up. After all, we only have one. If people hurt you, remember that you have also hurt others. And when the time comes that every wound was healed, and all efforts were given back, all forgiveness were given, then that could be, maybe, the time we could say that life is not bad after all. 

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