Angels on Earth

There are two good reasons why we are in the face of the Earth and below the sky (for at least MY reasons why I am existing). It is the conquest of all human, as I see it, that we are searching for:
Love and Happiness.
I don’t need pretty clothes, fancy make ups and luscious food to feed my happiness. But in the middle of my life’s journey, I know clearly what my happiness comprises of.
I won’t mind spending all my money just to be with these wonderful people who could actually make my world upside down! They’re my little-but-biggest-happiness in the world!
My beautiful nieces (Thea and Denyce) who are so into camera like their aunt! So lovely, isn’t it?
Aki, my nephew is singing and dancing with his ever-supportive audience!

Good-looking boy with his good-looking actions!

And here comes the superman, Aki! He’s actually impersonating someone, I just can’t figure out who it is. He’s just so adorable! I know!
Denyce is really a good actress! She’ll definitely be a good one in front of you.
Trying to break the ice! Haha~
She just want me to capture this photo of her! She just can’t get enough!
Oh! And she’s even using her mom’s make-ups! Look!
She’s looking around, somebody might see her~
She painted her nose! This really made my night!
She really seem not know yet where it is use for! HAHA~ Even so, she’s just sooo cute!
I went home last weekend and I just don’t wanna travel back the city. I don’t mind being with these fellas, it seems colorful like rainbow with all those sugar pops and can’t-really-understand wordings but surrounded by the sweetest giggles, and laughters!
Kidding aside, these LOs really liked the camera and what else to do? Maximise it!
She’s making sure she’s giving her best wacky shot!
We’re teasing the camera!
Not bad to have another strike!
My baby doesn’t know how to pout. Hmmm~
Thea’s trying to compose her wacky shot! Sorry baby, I am in the mood of grinning!
And Thea with her rock and roll pose! Seriously?!
Grinning while still have many teeth~

With them, I know I don’t need to be in heaven to see true angels. These are just few, I still got more angels back home.

So if people think I needed BIG presents to be happy, well, let me be with these cuties and I’ll tell you, yes, they are BIG enough reason for me to be HAPPY!

Have I mentioned that they loved faeries? Oh, I loved faeries too! 🙂

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