Cagbalete Island

Rainy season is already approaching and I never thought I would still have my summer escapade this year. But it turned out to be not-so-late and have decided to take a long ride and reach where a hidden paradise is.

Our team have decided to have a journey in Cagbalete Island located in Mauban, Quezon Province. From Manila, you have the option to ride a JAC liner bus in Buendia (near Gil Puyat Station) or in Cubao terminal.

Fare for regular passenger from Buendia to Lucena Grand Terminal is P210 and for students (like me! HA!) of course, P170.

The team have decided to take the ride in Buendia at around 12AM and we have thought that bus will take its journey around 2AM but the JAC liner people have mentioned that the ride going to Lucena Grand Terminal is 24-hour — passengers just need to be patient in waiting for the bus which happens to be coming from Cubao terminal.

We rode the bus passed 12AM and we arrived in Lucena Grand Central Terminal at around pass 3AM. From the terminal, we have rode the mini bus going to Mauban proper which will cost you a regular fare of P54. We arrived at Mauban Pantalan port around 7AM.

From Mauban proper, you need to ride a tricycle to get to the port. Fare is P10 each. And, here we safely arrived!

We are too early for the next ride which will be at 10AM. But if you really want to be at the island earlier, you may get a private boat for P1,500 good for 3-5 persons.

Once arrived, you need to register your names and pay P50 each for Tourism and Environmental fee. At the boat, you need to pay P50 for fare from the port to Cagbalete Island.

The big boat has a capacity of about 80-100 persons and the ride would be about 45-60 minutes.

It has life jackets but we did not use it. Just saying.

The engine started about 9AM and still island adventurers are continuously coming.


The sail was smooth, though its a little wavy but just right to keep us fall asleep. The water is like the sky, there’s a part which is in a deep blue in color and some part is like the sky blue, and the other part with some shade of green. Excitement will really get into your system!

Later… My eyes found this!

A glimpse of the island!

As it is low tide, during that time, we need to stop a little far and need to ride this flat boat, as they call it, to get to the shore.

Now we have two options to get to the resort we chose, Pansacola resort, where we’ll stay for the night: Ride a boat for 20mins or walk for about 20-30 minutes and we chose to walk to really feel the adventure here!



Thank God for this wonderful place!

We found a new friend named Clarence, our little tour guide!

We really like this clever and smart Clarence! We’ll definitely see you again, buddy. 🙂

We got at the resort for just about 25-minute walk. We rented a tree house, good for 5 persons, but when you see it, up to 10 persons can be accommodated! Sorry never had the chance to take a picture, I was too excited!

The resort offer meals too! We have paid P950/person for 3 sets of meals and 2 sets of snacks.

For Lunch — now this is really paradise!



And here’s for the set of snack:


After these pictures, I didn’t bother to take photos of the other remaining meals! Haha!

Stomach’s set, mind is fully conditioned, body’s so excited and now off to hook and play in the beach!

BTS of the should-be corporate photoshoot with lovely people!

Oh hey, the continuous shot experiment of our photoshoot. I loved it!

White sand, different color flags. Oh did I mention they have this volleyball net? Hurray for a beach volley!

You can also bring your own tent if you want to stay outdoor. You may want to bring your own liquor, chips and oh water! Don’t forget your playing cards too!

During our stay, the best part is the evening star gazing in the middle (since its low tide, my assuming is a one or two kilometer walk before the knee high water) of the ocean, floating and my eyes wide open. You see the dark sky with stars as if painted on it.. Thousands of stars that I felt like I am inside a planetarium! That moment where the wavy-yet-calm water and your breathe is the only music in your ears, surrounded by planktons that’s lighting the sea and there, thousand of stars blinking straight at me, SO BEAUTIFUL. Lucky me, I have seen a shooting star! That is the most wonderful thing that happened that night.

One of the best scenes after dark is the sunshine and the (dream come true of seeing the..) SAND WAVES!

During dawn until 11AM the sea is in its low tide that you’ll get to see these sand waves formation! And gets back to its normal and will be at its low tide again at around 4-5PM.

To all surfers, skim-boarders out there, this side of the beach is not really for you, but the other resorts like Dona Choleng, Sto Nino and MVT might work for your boards. 🙂

Here’s another one.

Sun-kissed and bonding with nature!

And I would never let this trip pass by without my signature tumbling moment! Trademark!

Bonus with the tequila moment with friends, this escapade really made my summer 2014! Teehee!

Here’s the panorama shot for you!


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