We found love where we are.

He got all the things I have  in my lap, he placed it on the other side of the table. He smiled at me and whispered something in the air that reaches the end of my heart.

He turned around and came back to me. He tousled my hair and kisses my cheeks  in between.

He touched my hand and looked into my eyes, he asked permission to borrow my whole me to dance with him as the song played automatically.

He placed his hands around my waist, I placed my hands in his strong shoulders. I joined him as we sway with the tune of the song playing above our ears.

We dance and we stop, no. The feelings united as we go along one direction to another.

We dance randomly and felt love. We dance and we found love where we are.


The Power of Love

When there’s nothing you can do, when you think your whole world had stopped and people around you left you behind.. There’s still one thing you can do… Love.

When you think it’s already the end of the world because your partner left you and marry someone else. Be still and continue to pour love.

When there’s no one else to listen and rejections are what the universe has been giving you. Be still and show more love.

Love transforms everything. Love changes things.. So when you cannot think of anything you can do. Always remember that you can always continue to love.

Love is not a word that you could share to your partner or to other people alone, remember that love is also for yourself. Above all, it is not wrong to love yourself first. Love is the most powerful that could transform things and people.

When you love yourself, enjoy the things you have and forget all the hatred within your heart, it transforms you. It gives you more hope to be a better person. Through this, you will be able to share what’s in your heart with other people, which validates the saying, ‘what you give, you will receive’. When you pour love to anybody, be it with people or animals, all the love you have imparted will always comes back to you. With the purest and sincerest heart, all that you expect and don’t expect, the universe will return it to you.

So don’t be sad if you have been left or unloved, this is only an awakening moment of your life, that there must be something within you, look at your heart and reflect, cleanse it with prayers and remove all hatreds that is residing within your heart.. Because only then you will see that people are actually returning what you are giving to them. With pure love, even a tough lion can be turned into a very loving cat.

So just love. Pain wouldn’t do anything good. Don’t use pain for revenge, it will only hurt you twice as what you have done. If everything around you seems meaningless and dry and boring.. Love. It will transform everything.

Just Married.

I can feel the heat of excitement, the tears that would want to come out in the side of my eyes.. I can hear the bells that’s ringing above and the birds chattering about the happenings inside.

I am always fond of being busy with weddings and parties, as they hire me as an event coordinator. I have exactly the same feeling as the characters of the love movies– full of love and a cupid that really likes surprises.
It’s been a while since I have attended a wedding ceremony.. After what had happened, which I don’t wanna recall, it gave me this traumatic thinking about it.. I never thought it would actually give me this momentum of being fond about it, again.
I attended the wedding of my very good friend. She has been with her boyfriend not so long but they know and feel that the love that binds them is more than enough to share this big day together.
I myself is a big fan of fairytales, I happened to be a princess (no hesitation, in my day-dream, always have and always will), no contradictions please. Though I don’t hate weddings you know.. I respect that occasion as it is a day where two people offer themselves to the Creator and ask for His blessings.
Matrimony is one of the sacred ceremonies in the Christian Catholic world and it’s one of the seven Sacraments that a Christian should fulfil.
Wedding is a symbol of love, understanding of two minds as one, two hearts that beat as one. My friend’s wedding is not an exception, it was held with overflowing love, support and respect from all the people who have attended. Most especially the fountain of life and love that was flowing from the couple.
Wedding is one of the most wonderful events in the universe. For me, it will always like meeting of the stars and the moon, bees and the flowers, bread and peanut butter, cookies and creams… One of the moments that you could actually give tears in joy, have as many butterflies in your tummy and walk so slow, and every eye on you.
But also remember, it is not how grand a wedding could be, it’s not how many people you have invited and what food you served to your guests, it is not the amount that will dictate how successful your married life would be later on, but it will always be about the two of you in the unity of the Holy Spirit.
You might not prepare a grand celebration on the wedding day, but have prepared yourself, mentally, emotionally, with dignity and unity, your married life will be that successful and separation will never be in your vocabulary as married couple.
I guess, need to replace my old thoughts into… Forever is real. ❤


I can smell the butter that is melting in the air, as if dancing and driving into nowhere. The sun is shining and the grass fragrance is so refreshing! I was walking along with the basket of the tasty cheese, the soft and warm bread (which I baked) and the most yummy grape juice I have ever tasted in my whole life. Plus the soft blanket with one of my favorite books! 

I am in my typical outfit, my faded jeans, comfy slippers, bright yellow t-shirt and my reading glasses. My hair tousles with the wind and oxygen’s entering my lungs and exhaled calmly through my nose.

The misty grass blossomed its colour and inviting me to lie down. But not yet, as I walk, the rainbow has come to greet me a good morning. The birds are singing like they always do and the bees are chattering and buzzing in between of these colourful and beautiful flowers. I could see how busy they are, I just love watching them.
There I reached this old oak tree, its leaves are full and lively, dancing in the rhythm and tunes of the birds chirping. It was a strong old oak tree, with hundred of years on its own place, memories have been planted and became part of it. It is indeed, the most amazing tree I’ve ever seen!
I got my soft blanket out of the basket and have spread it to the beautifully grown green grass, I placed the mini utensils with the cheese, bread and grape juice. I have lay down under the tree with my both hands placed at the back of my head. Oh I also have my book with me, of course, placed on my right side.
There, I can see the pale blue sky, a very wonderful sky with some birds flying high. Then there is the eagle, with his strong wings, close fingers and a very strong posture. I always imagine myself as an eagle, not because that I am not strong as a human, but I always want to fly and travel. I always want to see beyond I have already seen. I wanna go to one place to another and rest in different trees and see other birds, on how they live day by day.. That would be an amazing journey!
And as an eagle I was about to take my flight, a surprise playful scold from an officemate have caused distraction with my very beautiful day-dream!
I zoned out again and have escaped with my daily journey routine under this old oak tree from the Dreamland. Guess I’ll come back again tomorrow. ^_^