I can smell the butter that is melting in the air, as if dancing and driving into nowhere. The sun is shining and the grass fragrance is so refreshing! I was walking along with the basket of the tasty cheese, the soft and warm bread (which I baked) and the most yummy grape juice I have ever tasted in my whole life. Plus the soft blanket with one of my favorite books! 

I am in my typical outfit, my faded jeans, comfy slippers, bright yellow t-shirt and my reading glasses. My hair tousles with the wind and oxygen’s entering my lungs and exhaled calmly through my nose.

The misty grass blossomed its colour and inviting me to lie down. But not yet, as I walk, the rainbow has come to greet me a good morning. The birds are singing like they always do and the bees are chattering and buzzing in between of these colourful and beautiful flowers. I could see how busy they are, I just love watching them.
There I reached this old oak tree, its leaves are full and lively, dancing in the rhythm and tunes of the birds chirping. It was a strong old oak tree, with hundred of years on its own place, memories have been planted and became part of it. It is indeed, the most amazing tree I’ve ever seen!
I got my soft blanket out of the basket and have spread it to the beautifully grown green grass, I placed the mini utensils with the cheese, bread and grape juice. I have lay down under the tree with my both hands placed at the back of my head. Oh I also have my book with me, of course, placed on my right side.
There, I can see the pale blue sky, a very wonderful sky with some birds flying high. Then there is the eagle, with his strong wings, close fingers and a very strong posture. I always imagine myself as an eagle, not because that I am not strong as a human, but I always want to fly and travel. I always want to see beyond I have already seen. I wanna go to one place to another and rest in different trees and see other birds, on how they live day by day.. That would be an amazing journey!
And as an eagle I was about to take my flight, a surprise playful scold from an officemate have caused distraction with my very beautiful day-dream!
I zoned out again and have escaped with my daily journey routine under this old oak tree from the Dreamland. Guess I’ll come back again tomorrow. ^_^

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