The Power of Love

When there’s nothing you can do, when you think your whole world had stopped and people around you left you behind.. There’s still one thing you can do… Love.

When you think it’s already the end of the world because your partner left you and marry someone else. Be still and continue to pour love.

When there’s no one else to listen and rejections are what the universe has been giving you. Be still and show more love.

Love transforms everything. Love changes things.. So when you cannot think of anything you can do. Always remember that you can always continue to love.

Love is not a word that you could share to your partner or to other people alone, remember that love is also for yourself. Above all, it is not wrong to love yourself first. Love is the most powerful that could transform things and people.

When you love yourself, enjoy the things you have and forget all the hatred within your heart, it transforms you. It gives you more hope to be a better person. Through this, you will be able to share what’s in your heart with other people, which validates the saying, ‘what you give, you will receive’. When you pour love to anybody, be it with people or animals, all the love you have imparted will always comes back to you. With the purest and sincerest heart, all that you expect and don’t expect, the universe will return it to you.

So don’t be sad if you have been left or unloved, this is only an awakening moment of your life, that there must be something within you, look at your heart and reflect, cleanse it with prayers and remove all hatreds that is residing within your heart.. Because only then you will see that people are actually returning what you are giving to them. With pure love, even a tough lion can be turned into a very loving cat.

So just love. Pain wouldn’t do anything good. Don’t use pain for revenge, it will only hurt you twice as what you have done. If everything around you seems meaningless and dry and boring.. Love. It will transform everything.


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