Chapter 1: The encounter

The humid air is striking through my face as I secure my books; the cup of coffee in my right hand and try not to spill it as I climb to see the city from the veranda of my place. It’s a quite morning to see the birds flying around the sky and let these busy people roam around. I placed my glasses on its usual spot in my head so I could clearly see the good things in front of me.

I have set aside the curtains so as to let the morning air fill the empty spaces of my room. This is a usual morning for me until it made me feel terrified the moment I saw his eyes. 
The usual spot in my veranda seems to have a special something I cannot explain further. It’s like I am seeing a wonderful show which gives me this giddy feeling. His breathing makes me wanna fall, it’s a sign that he is a human being and that I am not dreaming. He wear a typical shirt with an abstract painting on it, his hair is freshly bathe with little drippings on the side. He is tall and with fair complexion, his goatee complements perfectly with the shape of his reddish lips.
I can watch him the whole day and stay at my veranda for the rest of the day. When I am about to sneak peak, my stomach suddenly twisted when he see straight into my soul… And, I look somewhere else pretending I am not seeing him, “What am I even thinking?”, my mind cannot speak but in my head its like a base pounding so loud.
I saw him smiled at the tip of his lips, but I have won over my nerves not to totally submit myself to look. He entered his room without any hesitation and I released a big sigh as if I won a great battle. “Who is that mystery guy?”, here again my mind is rushing with so much thoughts. And there is one thing I need to do.. To get his name.

We have the same number of hours a day.

There are some people who are amazed and really questioning my way of life whenever they discover what I do and have right now. They’re like, “Whoa, how do you juggle things and somehow comply on your ‘wanna-do’ hobbies yet you have so hectic schedule?” And I just smile and tell them, “it’s called time management”.

There are a lot of people who have been complaining about the things they cannot do and have the same excuses with the same scenario all the time, “Oh I really love doing this and that, it really makes me happy when I do this and that.. But I cannot for now because I don’t have time”. And I’m in my serious-oh-oh face and say, “we have the same number of hours a day you know”.

People can really be so over reacting on things. We tend to make simple things really difficult that most of the time led to complications. I am no superwoman and I don’t really have that special power that when I raise my right hand in the air and put the other on my waist, I could fly. Well, if only so, I would be one of the most powerful and highest flyers in the universe, but nope, nah, nada!

I may not have the power to fly or be invisible when my enemies are around.. BUT I have the most special power in the universe, it’s the power to control all the things within my reach.

Yes, you read it right. No, I don’t have the power to control others but yes, I have a control on the things I say, I wanna do and what I wanna think. Same as in doing the things I wanna do in my life, which includes typical writing, drink coffee as many cups as I want, be with the people I wanna be despite the ‘hectic’ schedule, laugh until I cry and skip a heartbeat, and read under a tree, under a blanket with my mini lights on or on the roadway when its traffic.

We have the same number of hours but it is you who could only manage it. I always make sure that some time has been allotted for my me-time, either I go to an arcade and play, read til I fell asleep or do a blog as long as I am in the mood to compose my thoughts.

Yes, it is not that easy. But let me also tell you that there is no worthy that comes easily. There are certain things in life that you really have to sacrifice sometimes. Whenever I scribble something and put my thoughts in words, I sacrifice the time to read the good book I have. There will always be that consequence that we need to somehow learn to deal with, in order to get the price of what we pay. Happiness.

And since you have that same hours a day like me, make use of it. Do the things that can make you real happy. Forget about the ‘what-ifs’, it is one of the contributors why you sacrifice some itsy bitsy happenings that may lead to wonderful moments in your life.

You bet you have that power as I have? Sure you have. You just have to have the courage to manage your time properly. It won’t be perfect in a snap of a finger but I bet it will be a good routine if you try to and make it really work.

Besides, your neighbourhood is not liable why you have that long nails.. Unless you want to cut it yourself. 🙂

Meshroom, Dagupan City

My sister and I have been scouting good spots where we could hang out and jam. Finally had the chance to see this talk-of-the-town hang out place in Dagupan City–Meshroom.
We’re just too excited to get captured. Don’t hate. Haha.
We arrived there around lunch time and I am overwhelmed with the ambiance on the outside which has cool facade and inviting seats with soft pillows.
The nature type, wooden palette seats caught my eyes. I am really attached with these nature kind of furnitures.
There were two very kind ladies who serve guests. We’re very lucky to found a place with no other customers but ourselves. The ambiance and creativity of this cafe really felt so comfy. Just the right place to spend a good whole day, regardless if it is sunny or rainy outside, with of course a good game or a good book to read.
Meshroom basically is an art and full of creative stuff. Arrangement can be like a small museum with vintage items and drawings obvious on the sides.
The owner as mentioned by the ladies, was actually a designer, well, you can obviously guess.
They also have merchandising area where all items are displayed and customers can freely see, touch and feel. Prices on some items are reasonable and some especially those Filipino artists made bags a bit pricey, though the value speaks the price.
Once orders were taken by these lovely ladies, which I call them Ate, we were given something to play while waiting for the food to be served. How can I say no to compete with my sister with this Jenga game?! No way!
I need to win this over my Jenga sister expert!
I need to boo her! And hoping the tower to collapse! Haha.
My sister ordered Matcha milk tea and Hazelnut Chocolate Pancakes.
Matcha in a mason jar and its refreshing!
*Please don’t mind my feet and my lil sissy’s shoes. We’re just really relaxed. Haha!
I had Chicken tender with the dressing on the side and a cup of Tablea Choco in a cup. Not only one cup…
Two cups..
But three cups!!
Plus the weather outside made my sipping moment with my tablea hot choco worthwhile.
Cousins came over to a more fun and bonding moments.
You can make your own art too! Well, hmm, I made mine but will not publicly promote it here, it is not what you think it is. Haha. But I am proud to show some of the artworks of my cousins and sister!
This is my sister’s first attempt with the dots.
Here’s the second attempt which is really good in my eyes (because honestly I cannot do something so simple like this, HAHAHA!).
And here’s the entry of my cousin, Peppa means Pig.
And Tiff’s entry for this artsy bitsy:
And, yeah, please don’t force me to show my entry. You will find it boring. Haha.
Overall stay at Meshroom.. Totally awesome and comfy. Really good for hang outs and not too pricey.
I would definitely go back here again for more cups of tablea choco. As for you, enjoy and let yourself experience the place first hand and share your story. 😉