Chapter 1: The encounter

The humid air is striking through my face as I secure my books; the cup of coffee in my right hand and try not to spill it as I climb to see the city from the veranda of my place. It’s a quite morning to see the birds flying around the sky and let these busy people roam around. I placed my glasses on its usual spot in my head so I could clearly see the good things in front of me.

I have set aside the curtains so as to let the morning air fill the empty spaces of my room. This is a usual morning for me until it made me feel terrified the moment I saw his eyes. 
The usual spot in my veranda seems to have a special something I cannot explain further. It’s like I am seeing a wonderful show which gives me this giddy feeling. His breathing makes me wanna fall, it’s a sign that he is a human being and that I am not dreaming. He wear a typical shirt with an abstract painting on it, his hair is freshly bathe with little drippings on the side. He is tall and with fair complexion, his goatee complements perfectly with the shape of his reddish lips.
I can watch him the whole day and stay at my veranda for the rest of the day. When I am about to sneak peak, my stomach suddenly twisted when he see straight into my soul… And, I look somewhere else pretending I am not seeing him, “What am I even thinking?”, my mind cannot speak but in my head its like a base pounding so loud.
I saw him smiled at the tip of his lips, but I have won over my nerves not to totally submit myself to look. He entered his room without any hesitation and I released a big sigh as if I won a great battle. “Who is that mystery guy?”, here again my mind is rushing with so much thoughts. And there is one thing I need to do.. To get his name.

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