I am a traveler in an affordable way.

We are born to be a traveler, we want to see new things and explore the unknown. It is so natural that we pursue and push things and places, especially unmet and (so) far that we cannot go there without doing some super power effort to be there. Either by air, by water or (loooong drive) by land. People think that you are a “certified and amazing” traveler if you have been to places which are not easy to reach and may cost you too much that you will go home with ripped pocket jeans.

Well, I tell you.. You don’t need to refrain from going out and save helluva money just to go no a trip for day or two. You can be a traveler now.

Of course, planning is already on the list and the basic thing to do, and you don’t wanna go somewhere you have not planned (you even do on the spot plan!) beforehand (be it a day or an hour before the trip, you still must do).

It is not a crime to dream and set foot on places you thought you can never go. But please, don’t be such a stubborn like a cat in spending too much, especially that it is still not your “official money” (I call it official if it is already from your own salary and not from the pockets of your parents).

How to be a traveler without burning too much dough?

1. Before exploring the faraway castle, why don’t you see the nearby neighborhood first?
Well, it’s sad that most of the people nowadays have gone to many places outside their territory but have never seen their own yet. How could you? Well, if you want to travel to paradise in an affordable way, go get yourself to ride a bus and hit the nearby provinces. Or at least consider parks and other spots within your place. Not necessarily riding a plane or boat, walking and appreciating what is existing within your area won’t hurt you. It would actually give you the time to savor and breathe. Once in a while, surprise yourself!
2. Check the net.

Before you ride the bus and make your own little adventures, check out first the places you wanna see. It would be a saving time and energy once you already know where to start and what to do for the whole trip. It would also save you money for not being lost. You may want to download a map app to be your guide, these are free app and it definitely comes handy.
3. Go out with friends!

It is always wonderful to go out and about alone or with your partner but I tell you, it is more fun to be with your crazy friends! Seeing different places and new things would create longer and strong foundation of friendship plus you have them to share with your expenses!
4. Always bring envelopes with you.

Yes, you read it right. Well, as per one of my practical friends, whenever you go out and about, always do the math (I got scared with the “math” word as she uttered.. Sssh, I know but don’t worry, I got your back). You simply have to divide your money according to the days of your travel. If you will stay in a place for 3 days, you should have divided your money in three days with the three envelopes. The three envelopes represents the days and that you are only allowed to spend the money according to the envelope of the day. For example, you arrived for the first day of your trip and so you are only allowed to spend your money on the first envelope. At the end of the day, all excess money should be returned from its assigned envelop and you are forbidden to open it again until you are home from your trip. Believe me, you will be surprised with the savings you still have!
5. Don’t be a panic-stuff buyer.

Nice shirts and keychains and different delicacies, yeah? You don’t wanna buy something that you can’t use, instead would make your bags heavier when you go home. Just refrain from buying too much just because its cute and brag that you have been there. Math 101, do not spend too much on things you can’t really use or eat.
6. Don’t forget your camera!

When you no longer have enough money and you just want to capture moments along your trip, do not forget your camera! Whether its an old version or the newest, who cares? As long as you are still able to do stuff and capture rare moments, bring it! You know there are a lot of tourist spots and parks which will trick you with “no camera allowed” and they will have you captured on their cameras and instructed to go to a booth and find out that you need to shell out money just to get these pictures printed in a not-so-handy size! Seriously?! So don’t forget your camera, it will help you save more.
So, if you are afraid of exploring and scared of not having much dough to travel, you might want to consider the abovementioned. 
Nonetheless, always have a happy feet!

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