Nuvali – Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Since we have already started our weekend little adventure, after the Tagaytay getaway, we have decided to go and see Paseo de Sta. Rosa and Nuvali Park which was recommended by one of our friends.

From Olivares Terminal, we walked right after the Olivares Plaza and found the Van Terminal bound to Alabang, Baclaran and Laguna.

Since it’s still early and too hot to roam around the park, we’ve decided to go to Paseo de Sta. Rosa first and visit factory outlets of different branded shoes and slippers that offer cheaper prices.

Fare from Olivares Terminal for van is P60. It will only take you about 40mins to an hour at most to get there.

Paseo de Sta. Rosa offers a wide range of restaurants and a lot of branded outlets to choose from!

The place is huge and that it has 4 parts (paseo 1, 2, 3 & 4). Paseo 4 (if I am not mistaken) is the part of which is only walking distance to Nuvali through a bridge that’s connecting them. On the other hand, if you are in Paseo 1 and don’t wanna walk, you may opt to ride a tricycle to go to Nuvali at P35.

We didn’t get too much pictures as we are very busy in window shopping. Haha! We decided to eat lunch here and afterwards decided to go to Nuvali Park.

Welcome to Nuvali Park.

It is not just a park but also a business center. There are several business units situated inside the viccinity. Same as Paseo, there are also different food shops and restaurants to choose from.

There are several activities that you may do during your stay. Kiddie rides operated by Timezone and what really catches our attention was the robot-like 4D game where you would really feel that you are inside a car that you drive.

Experience it for P100.

Other activities that you might be interested are as follows:

Biking, you may rent a bike for P60 an hour and use it for exercise or just a vehicle to roam around.

Feed the fishes. There are a lot of coi fishes along the lake of Nuvali. You may feed them with the food that can be bought just in front of the lake. You have to buy P15 worth of fish feeds.

Boat ride experience, maximum capacity of the boat is 6 persons and that if you are less than 6, you have to pay for the other seats. This is for P30 per person and it will just give you a joyride back and forth. The lake is not so big but guess it would still be a good experience. There are safety vest as well, children are allowed as long as they are accompanied by adults of course.

There is also a wakeboarding area, which is located at the back of the Nuvali Park, but we’re not able to visit the place as we  are a bit tired of walking.

You may also do some picnic over the grass-land area of the park and feel the quality air of Nuvali.
You may also take a nap and take lotsa pictures while enjoying the atmosphere.

We didn’t really have had any activities, we just wanted to see the place and breathe.

The place is highly recommended especially to families who plan to escape the city and bond with nature. It is always fun to create moments with families, indeed.

And with this, you guys have a happy feet!

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