Pedrito’s Bakeshop and Restaurant – Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Looking for a place to eat and relax in the heart of Dagupan City?

Try this old Filipino-Mexican bakeshop and restaurant named Pedrito which means “Little Pedro”.
The success of this old yet remarkable bakeshop and restaurant way back 1980’s was not as easy as cooking pasta but truly has a fascinating story behind it that made it stronger through the years.
Pedrito’s humble beginning with Linda and Pete, the power couple who had the determination, willpower and courage to start a business that made this  bakeshop and restaurant possible.
Pedrito’s was firstly established as a bakeshop and it’s first bread offered in the market was Ensaymada.
As of today, Pedrito’s have expanded its bread product line into different kinds of breads that will suit each and every tastebud.

From pastries, they are also offering cakes for any occassions. 

Pedrito’s restaurant on the other hand offers wide range of Filipino cuisines and few of famous Mexican dishes.

The restaurant has the touch of Mexican style, with Mexican hats and scarfs everywhere.

To enhance the appetite of its customers, Pedrito’s has a residential band that gracefully sings, both new and old songs that are friendly to the eardrums.
These Filipino home-cooked foods are offered in affordable prices.

They also have seafoods corner (all grilled), for those who are really craving for seafoods at its finest.

They even have different Filipino desserts of your choice:

They also have different native cakes. Yay!

Pedrito’s as mentioned, also offers Mexican dishes such as Nachos and Paella to name a few.
Now here’s the Paella station, yes.
Since the place is full of tourists and visitors from other cities, they make sure of having the Chi-chiria Station which offers different corn and other products from different cities (for those tourists who have no time to roam around the city and want to buy something local).

My best-friend, Lj and I went there to have our lunch and experience the home-cooked foods and old recipes of Pedrito’s. And here’s what we had:

The mouthwatering Bulalo which only costs P200.00 (2-3 persons sharing).

And the yummy Chopseuy which is not really that costly (can’t recall the exact price but I’m guessing it for about P60-P70 only (good for 2 persons sharing).
Deliciously served, oh yes!
Wait, there’s more.. Aside from the different desserts presented earlier, Pedrito’s also offers gelato ice cream! 

Hey, they have coffee too! (I can surely live here!) 

What else to look for? Guess all that a traveler needs are all in Pedrito’s. 
And for those who are looking for a venue to gather with family and friends, you may also include Pedrito’s as one of your choices as they also offer function halls for special gatherings.

*I was not able to get rates but soon I will have, as we are eyeing this place to hold our Grandma’s 80th Birthday. I’ll get you updated on this so you have the idea too. 🙂
Pedrito’s is a good place for family and friends who are craving for tasty and home-cooked Filipino dishes. 
Pedrito’s is located at Tapuac District, Dagupan City. 
It’s never too late to explore. With this, have a happy feet!

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