Cape of Bolinao and Enchanted Cave – Bolinao, Pangasinan

Our mind and heart are still in the Patar white beach, we are so amazed by the rock formations and the feel of the water still touches our skin.

But we will not slip the chance of visiting one of the most remarkable places here in Bolinao — the Cape of Bolinao, Lighthouse and the Enchanted Cave which are also situated within Brgy. Patar. 

The feeling is different when you see it in picture and in person.


I may not know the whole history of this place, but you will feel and see the scar of sufferings from fights and victories.


We didn’t go up but we did roam around the area to take pictures as souvenirs of our getaway.


From the old office area, you will see the beautiful Bolinao sea.


This spot never gets old for new visitors like us.


It’s just so wonderful to finally see it in person.

And now we’re on our way to see the Enchanted Cave!


Enchanted cave is right after the arch of Brgy. Patar and this signage will give you the hint that you almost reach the place. Let’s go!


Please be guided accordingly. *wink*

From the registration area you need to pay P150 which you will receive a stub for the swimming fee. Since you have no idea yet on the swimming area, you have the choice if you’ll swim or not with the stub given to you. If not used, this is refundable.


And these dried reefs (like a rock formation) will greet you upon entering. Yes, these are dried reefs. Cool, huh?


Now this is fascinating, the giant clams or Taklobo, and I really thought these are all man-made but…


The signage will explain it to you! Isn’t it amazing?!


And we’re about to enter Enchanted Cave with this beautiful arch.


The place offers different and several picnic tables for family and friends who would want to spend good lunch in the area.


And the place also have a resting area. (I can lay here forever!)


Now we are out and about to go to the enchanting cave..


After walking up with the stairs, now we are about to go down to see the cave. Exciting!


And here we are under.


The inside of the cave.


It makes me wonder how it was formed.. And how old the cave is..


And finally I’ve decided to experince the cave’s water.


Cold water, indeed. There’s a rope to guide you to go to the other side just in case you are not a good swimmer like me. The center of the water is a little deep so I prefer to stay where the rope is.


Beware of the rocks below the water.
And as soon as we decided to go out, we went to see the mini pool..


Now that’s the place’s mini pool with a man-made mini falls.

The overall stay is good. The place is really cool for families and big group of friends.

So for those who plan to go to Patar, don’t miss to visit Cape of Bolinao and the Enchanted Cave which are also situated within the area of Brgy. Patar.

Travel now with a happy feet!

Patar White Beach – Bolinao, Pangasinan

It was indeed a very good sleep in El Pescador Resort and Hotel. And we won’t let the chance of stepping here in the island of Bolinao without visiting some of the hidden treasures of the town.

The sun is up and scorchingly hot but who cares if we are about to see the amazing white sand and clear water of Patar White Beach!

From Bolinao market, there is no direct jeepney or bus going to Patar white beach, as it is located at Brgy. Patar which is about 45minutes from the town proper. We hired a tricycle that will drive us to Patar white beach for P400 back and fourth (we are with a local friend and so we had a good fare rates).

Lucky us (especially me who is a first timer) to be riding the tryk with cemented pavement. There are only short rough roads as the local government is still on its way of smoothing these parts of the road.

And.. Here we are!

Sure, there are lotsa coconut trees and greens everywhere, and A LOT of beach resorts too!

Though we’re still miles away from Patar white beach, the sea is already caressing us, as you will definitely feel and smell the scent of the ocean.

Patar White Beach is said to be known to many as the Boracay of Pangasinan.

I am struck with amazement, indeed.

The fine white sand that connects me instantly through my bare feet. It’s as if calling me to stay and play under the beautiful sun.

My friend have mentioned that the white sand (as you will notice from the picture) was moved a little higher due to the typhoon and after-shock effect of the tsunami in Japan way back. Never did it get back from its original shoreline ever again.

Before we scanned the whole area, we need to power up with yummy local cooked food!

We made sure of stopping by Adora’s eatery to buy these home-cooked food. Adora’s situated in Bolinao Market near the Church.

This view left me in awe.

It’s really soo beautiful.

To couples who are in the middle of looking for spots to where you can have your pre-nup shots, you may wanna consider this island. 😉

Well here are some of the sample shots (photos are captured via iPhone only and it would be more beautiful via pro cameras for photoshoot).

Those were some of the rock formations by the beach.

Who cares about the sun? It’s indeed so fun under the sun!

Double peace! I really love it here!

More of the rock formations by the beach.

Rest and capture moments in this shady part with these rocks.

More of the rocks situated in the beach front.

We’re not really so afraid of the heat.

The place is also good for walking and talking about decisions in life, yes. Minus the sun, its better when you do it during twilight.

Do not worry about not able to bring your food, there’s a canteen that sells snacks. Take note of the price though, it’s surely higher than the supermarket of course.

Patar white beach has several cottages to rent. During our visit, cottage is about P300.

Upon payment (you may pay during or after your stay) the locals who are tasked to collect (from the Baranggay office) will give you an official receipt.

And the place also have several souvenir shops for tourists who would want to buy something to remember from their journey to the island.

We opted not to swim that day but we had fun roaming around the beach.

We packed our things and before we called it a day we are so ready to venture to our next destination!

Nonetheless, we are really having a happy feet!

El Pescador Resort and Hotel – Bolinao, Pangasinan

It’s amazing to start this wonderful 2015 with a happy feet!

One of the things written in our bucket list is to travel and explore one of the most amazing provinces in the country, Pangasinan and we have started it in the hidden paradise of Bolinao.

I’ve always dreamed of going to this place all my life! Though it’s within the province where I grew, it seems so impossible to go due to sandwich schedules and all the alibis I can think of. But hey! The mindset and my dreams have already pulled it to the next level!

From Dagupan City, we traveled for about 2 hours and 30 minutes, and reached the town proper of Bolinao.
If you are already in Dagupan City, there are available buses and vans going to Bolinao. We rode a van for us to make it in the afternoon, just before the sunset.

Yay! Ready to go, yes.

Bus going to Bolinao.

Beside is the Bolinao van terminal. 
Fare from Dagupan City to Bolinao town proper is P110 per pax (no student fare for van transportation).
Upon arriving at Bolinao market, we rode a tricycle bound to El Pescador Resort and Hotel where we chose to stay for the night. Fare is at P10 per pax.
And, voila! Welcome to El Pescador!

You will not get lost as people are all aware where El Pescador is situated. 
Now here’s a little background about the resort. This is owned by Jesus Salvador F. Celeste and the name El Pescador means The Fishermen as the area’s main living is fishing. 

The scent of the sea welcomes us as we enter the place.. 

El Pescador has a service van that may be used for its guests, especially those who will be coming from other countries. There’s a package deal for the service from the airport to the resort. You may check out and for online reservations.

Same as the other hotels, they offer rooms with different styles and ambiance.

Whether you are a couple, a group of friends or an extended vacationer family, you certainly have a place here.

*Kubo Cottage Double Bed: P1,550
*Legacy Double Bed: P1,650
*Legacy Queen Bed: P1,750
*Legacy 2 Single Bed: P1,850
*Twin Building Double Bed: P2,350
*Legacy 2 Double Bed: P2,550
*Twin Building King Bed: P2,650
*Kubo 2 Double Bed: P3,350
*Legacy 3 Double Bed A: P3,450
*Twin Building 2 Bed: P3,550
*Grand Hotel Double Bed Room: P4,000
*Grand Hotel 2 Double Bed Room: P4,500
*Twin Building Family: P5,650
*Power House: P5,950
*Beach House: P6,950
*Twin Building Attic A: P11,550
*Twin Building Attic B: P12,550

And we opted to stay here!

The beautiful Kubo Cottage. Stay and feel its nature-rich-in-culture room for P1,550 (good for 2).
Now here’s the inside of the Kubo Cottage:

Relaxing, indeed.

It has its own balcony, an air conditioned unit, a television unit with cable, toiletries (but no dental set) and a wired phone but is not yet working.
It doesn’t have its own comfort room, but  the common comfort room is just beside the Kubo Cottage so its not really so hassle.

Now let’s see what the resort offers..

It has two swimming pools with slides, this one is for adults. From 3 feet to 5 feet deep.

And here’s the kiddie pool with this kiddie frog slides. Isn’t it cute? I know right.
The swimming pool is not limited to guests of El Pescador, it is also open to visitors who don’t want to check in the hotel but want to swim.
Visitor’s rate at P100 for adults and P300 for the shed where you can have your picnic.
Take note of the reminders, okay? They have lifeguards of course.

And someone is having fun with the sun and water, alright.
If you are not in the mood of playing around the pool, you may also bond with the waves in front of the hotel. But during our visit, the sea is low tide and calm.

It also have well-styled gazebos just in case you want to have your breakfast by the beach front.
There you go..

Isn’t it relaxing, yeah?
El Pescador has function rooms and conference areas. They also have several cafeteria..

And here’s another cafeteria with souvenir shops.

The whole place is not yet in full operation as they are having expansions and renovations going on. The beach front hotel is about to finish and soon to operate to accommodate more guests.
The place is good for couples, family and friends who are looking for adventure within the area. You may also do a reservation to make it a hassle-free trip.
El Pescador is near the town proper and about 45 minutes from the boracay of Pangasinan, the Patar White Beach. 
El Pescador Resort and Hotel
San Andres, Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines
Contact number: 075-554-2559 / +63999992618
Have a happy feet!