Guest House and Hot Spring – Pansol, Laguna

At this point in time, the cold breeze let me stay under my comforter just long enough to be late at work and just enough to enjoy the coldness of the morning.

Despite of the coldness, do you still wanna go somewhere peaceful, private and swim? Well, I guess I know what exactly you need.

My colleagues and I came up with an overnight-escape plan away from the busy city where we could hang out, laugh out loud and enjoy as if there’s no tomorrow without bothering the neighborhood. Private house with hot spring pool is definitely what we are looking for!

Pansol, Laguna is known with its hot spring pool offering. For just about an hour and half from Makati proper, you will have a private-fun-escape getaway.

It is called hot spring in a pool (ironic isn’t it?) because the water from the pool is directly from the mountain and that is the reason why it is warm and yes, no chlorine.

We are so lucky to get discounts and so we were able to rent a private house for P5,000 overnight stay. A private house and hot spring pool usually costs about P7,000-P10,000 for 12 hours stay.

The moment we arrived, it feels like we will be out of the world for 300 days as the ambiance is like the famous house of Big Brother. Ha ha! Not to mention the pool where housemates usually hang out and talk about love and life.

The rent includes the whole house with 3 big rooms, unlimited karaoke, hot spring and a billiard area. Other facilities include refrigerator for your food, gas stove to cook and a water dispenser for hot and cold. Value for money, huh?

Here are the 3 bedrooms which may accommodate about more than about 30 persons as a whole.

Here’s another bedroom:

And the smallest room which has a double deck:

There are comfort rooms near the pool area and each of these bedrooms have its own comfort room too!

Don’t worry about how to keep safe your car, the parking lot is so huge that you may even park 2-3 Fortuner cars. 😉

On the third floor of the house is the chill area where you can play billiards while singing your favorite songs.

This guest house is just so perfect for family, with your friends to party or chill. Especially having this kind of weather, hot spring is a great experience for a night or two.

To experience first hand, you may call:
Jhermielle Resort
Contact person: Woody
Contact number: 0927-338-1602
Address: Purok 1, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna
Landmark: in front of Abby’s Buko Pie Store

But importantly, enjoy and have a restless and, happy feet! 😉


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