Museo de Baler | Doña Aurora’s Mansion — Baler, Province of Aurora

Baler is historically known as the birth place and hometown of the second President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon. The province of Aurora was named after the first lady and love of President Manuel named Maria Aurora which is situated in Central Luzon of the Philippines.

Baler is popular amongst yuppies and other adventurous, and sporty individuals due to the place’s beautiful and amazing tourist spots which would give you a little challenge to see and try. Baler is very known with its Baler Bay which is in the northeastern part of Luzon Island and is now prominent with its nickname as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.

My friends and I have decided to explore Baler over the weekend so as to release all the negative energies and replenish positivity in our system as we bond with nature.

We started our journey at 12:30am from Fort Bonifacio going straight to Baler with a private vehicle from Dreams and Destinations Travel Agency. The trip went on for about five (5) hours and the moment I opened my eyes, we are already in the simple town of Baler.

We went straight to our hotel which is located in Sabangan, the Akkaw Beach Resort to deposit our bags and get ready for a beautiful day of exploration and surprises.

After boosting our energies, we are all ready to roam around the city. First stop, Museo de Baler.

Like any other museums, Museo de Baler has a great collection of different artsy bitsy which includes paintings of different famous people in the history. Need I say more of all the paintings of the second President of the Philippines, Mr. Manuel L. Quezon? Oh and all other historical paraphernalia that the movie Baler of Anne Curtis and Jericho Rosales have made use.

A good chance to make selfie with Pres. Quezon

More groufie photos!

Pictures of Filipino artists.

Can’t get enough with these paintings.

Children’s artworks.

Entrance fee is P30.00 each, this is already for both the Museo de Baler and Doña Aurora’s Mansion. Make sure to keep the stub as you will need to hand over it in Doña Aurora’s Mansion tourism officers.

Doña Aurora’s Mansion is just a walking distance from the museum but due to the rain, we need to ride our van and delay the walkathon in the town.

Veranda of Dona Aurora’s Mansion

The house was already restored, but the materials used were same as the original materials–bamboo and nipa hut.

Pres. Manuel’s library

Paintings in every corner of the house.

Now here’s the part of the vicinity where you can see and touch the second President’s car.

Purely history and the cold breeze makes us more hungry than ever, and so we decided to go out now to Aurora’s Mansion and off we go to one of the best Bulalo Eateries in town.

Yolly’s Ihaw-ihaw and Seafood Resto is known for their Bulalo and other yummy seafood at an affordable rate!

Surely enjoying the sumptuous meal!

Full, yes and sleepy as the weather (the rain is getting stronger by then) suggests to tuck in ourselves with the warmth of the rooms of the hotel and so we decided to call it a day (though it’s still afternoon), pave our way back and rest.

First day, rainy and windy it is but we had a happy feet!


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