Diguisit Falls | Ermita Hill | PAG-ASA | Ditumabo Mother Falls — Baler,Province of Aurora, Quezon

Baler is really something, we don’t know it yet but today is the day to learn more about it.

We woke up with a not-so-good weather but who cares? Today is our chance to do the highlights — we will be on our way to see the Mother Falls and today as the surfing day!

And we are all set to this adventure!

First stop: Ermita Hill. It is said that this hill saved lives during a tsunami way back 1975 where there are only six (6) families who have survived.

Due to the moderate-to-heavy rain that day, we did not clearly see the view of the ocean from the hill and so we have decided to go on..

View from Ermita Hill, first attempt.

Since we are just ten (10) minutes away from the humble office of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), and a once in a blue moon to get there so we grab the opportunity to see what it offers, and to literally ask what would be the weather later (we’re planning to have our surfing 101!) and tomorrow as we get off the road to go back to the city.

Unfortunately, it’s Sunday and no office, though the office is open and a caretaker is present, we had the chance to go to the rooftop of their humble office.

Now this feels like somewhere so grand!

Well this will always be a groufie signature! 

Up we went to Ermita Hill then another higher ground to see PAGASA, now off we go to the intriguing Diguisit Falls and Aniao Islets.

Diguisit Falls is literally a baby falls, it is actually along the road that you may just stop and feel the coldness of the water as it flows up from the mountain.

We arrived at Aniao Islets area just as the rain pours and it adds up to the melodramatic view and feel.


Aniao Islets is my favorite. There is something about it that makes me feel so excited and recharged. There is something that I couldn’t explain further, but the happiness that filled my heart and soul is suddenly overflowing like the water around it. It is just so beautiful!

The next time we come back here, we would definitely not miss the chance to see Aniao Islets again.

All the excitement and joy that we felt consumed all our energy and that we decided to eat first before we jump out to see the Mother Falls.

From the entrance, locals have already gathered with their tricycles and are all geared up for the adventure. Only then I can really feel that there is something about the place that makes it really so challenging.

We hired 3 tricycles (7 people) to go back and forth the mountain, fare at P100 per person. I even volunteered to walk from the entrance to the mountain but luckily it was not pursued as it will take you an hour or two before you reach the main entrance of the forest.

Welcome to the Ditumabo Mother Falls!

There are stations where local tourism officers are collecting donations as part of their fund in maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the forest. (Entrance Fee already part of the package)

And off we go to our little and surprising adventure!

Ready for a little trekking, yes!

Too many challenges but we surely enjoyed and passed all obstacles.

Breathtaking view. It literally captured my breath a million times!

It’s not easy but you’ll surely enjoy it! Don’t forget to wear your extra energy to overcome this current.

For about an hour or two, we arrived at one of the most amazing creations we have ever seen!

The Mother Falls!

The water is soooo cold that it feels like it’s coming from a big fridge from the other side.

This is so amazing!!! (in Anna’s tone in Frozen)

All the obstacles and the trekking and the rain, all worth it! So BEAUTIFUL! It’s not yet too late guys, don’t miss the chance to see this beautifully God-crafted mother falls of Baler when you got the chance.