Mt. Pico De Loro – Ternate, Cavite

Nature has been one of my secret outlets, (well, at least for some), its more of recharging your inner self through nature, be surrounded by living things and feel the natural atmosphere.

Mt. Pico De Loro, also known as Mt. Palay Palay can be found in Cavite within the boudaries of Sitio Malauyas, Ternate and Maragondon and part of it is Nasugbu, Batangas. 

All geared up, and off we go to conquer Mt. Pico de Loro last May 31, sunny morning. 

First we made sure we plot our itinerary just right to fit our schedule (especially its Sunday, we need to make sure of having enough time to rest after the hike).


04:00AM Call time at Coastal Mall Bus Terminal
04:20AM Rode the bus going to Ternate, Cavite
5:30AM Drop off point and rode the tricycle going to the DENR
6:00AM Arrival at DENR. Pay registration
6:45AM Start trekking
8:30AM Arrival at the Campsite
9:30AM Arrival at the Summit
10:00AM Arrival at the Monolith
12:50PM Arrival at the DENR

The DENR representative’s table is located at the entrance of the forest, so you won’t really be lost. The drop off point has a good venue and space for parking, so don’t worry if you have your own car, you just have to pay a reasonable amount of parking fee for safety and security of your valuable.

DENR registration fee at P25/pax, register your name, location and time in. You surely need to go register your time out as well (if in case you will choose to backtrail to Ternate).

Climbing Mt. Pico de Loro is one of those you can never forget (if I may say), not just because its a too much little difficult but the lessons it will impart to you will greatly imprint in your memories (like what it have done to me).

I came here with my friends because of too much stress as well as I feel the need to have one step forward to achieve another goal in life. I have dreamed of conquering several mountains and one in the list is Mt. Pico de Loro. Mt. Pico de Loro, is known for its beautiful and unique structure, and its highlight which stands alone is the Monolith.

Before you begin your journey to the forest, it is recommended for you to do stretching and warm up. Trekking could be a little tricky but it can be done.

Journey to the Grand Line (I pretended to be in an adventure with Luffy and the gang in One Piece!).

After an hour trek, hello beautiful view! This is not yet the Campsite nor the Summit. Way to go!

We even met the cutest and youngest mountaineer person in town, meet Enya Mandapat, 4 years old. This little cutie has already climbed Mt. Pulag and Mt. Maculot (can you imagine how embarrassing that moment knowing at her age, she already experienced other known mountains! HAHA!)

Not too long, we arrived at the Campsite, you have to pass this area and enjoy the view, rest and before you go to the Summit.

Now this is just so amazing!

Notice that we have not hired a tour guide at the beginning of our trek, yet, upon reaching Campsite, we still need to go about 20-minute walk to go to the Summit which is the highest point of the mountain. You have to be very careful as the sand and small rocks are quite contributors of the slimy area (thank God its sunny, what else if it’s raining!). 

Upon arrival in the start line of the Summit, we met Kuya Asiong and Andy, both locals and both tour guides. As we rest our feet before we challenge ourselves with the slimy area part going to the Summit, they mentioned that it’s better to have a tour guide especially that we are first timers (and beginners) and since we are planning to climb the Monolith, we need a huge amount of assistance. 

Photo with Kuya Asiong.
Photo with Andy.

In short, we hired them at P50/pax from Summit to Monolith and back to Summit and part ways at the Campsite. P50 for your life! (So why have second thought?) And since they are so extra careful to us, and have given all the assistance we needed, won’t hurt to double the pay. 🙂

Below picture is the Summit, this was taken from the Campsite. Now that’s pretty high!

Off we go to the Summit!

From the Summit, we were just so excited to see and climb the Monolith. The view is priceless!

Overlooking view of the Monolith from the Summit is just so amazing and wondering how will we ever reach that part especially that visually speaking, it’s a huge-like-compilation-of-rocks-that-erected-in-the-middle-of-a-forest! 

Let’s go to the Monolith! The entrance way up to the Monolith, big rocks , a little slimy and one wrong move and you know what will happen. So you really have to be extra careful here.

Photo before we climb the Monolith.

And so we’re out and about to do the highlight. There are only two (2) ropes that will help you reach the top. When you look at it, it’s such a piece of cake but when it’s already my turn, well, I can’t even step but it went out just fine.. You just gotta have that courage and strength and timing. 

And before we could gather our breathe, see how amazed and happy we are as we reached the top!

The excitement and happiness!

We made it!

AMAZING! Feels like I am flying!

Summit view captured from the Monolith. Breath-taking view indeed!

Resting my feet while my shoe-selfie-ing with this view!

This is just so perfect!

Those moments in your life as if sitting on the edge of a cliff. Its this, literally. 🙂

Speechless with the beauty of nature!

It’s just so AMAZING! The touch of the cold wind that blew my face, the green scenario below that flashes straight to my eyes, as if we are surrounded by clouds, and the company I’m with, what is not to love? It’s just so beautiful! 

There are two (2) trails going back after the Monolith experience. Either back trail or going back to where you came from which in our case, Ternate, Cavite or go down the trail of Nasugbu, Batangas.

We chose to do back trail since we already know the way. 

From the Summit and Monolith, there you will see Nasugbu, Batangas’ body of water and you will have a glimpse with the Pico De Loro Resort (well, the white part of the roof :P).

To learn more, it’s not enough to listen with the stories of other people, but experience.. Experience so you just don’t know the story but you know what it feels to be really in the story.

Planning to go? Sure! Escape the city and find time to unwind with nature. Recharge and take time to talk to your inner self. Exchange your time with meaningful adventures!

Begginers and/or professionals, we highly recommend Mt. Pico de Loro. 

Total actual cost
Bus (Manila-Ternate, Cavite) P81/pax
Tricycle to DENR P100/pax
DENR Reg fee P25/pax
Tour guide fee P100/pax (originally P50/pax)
Food P120 (heavy meal)
Tricycle to Terminal Manila bound P75
Bus (Ternate, Cavite-Manila) P83

Total cost: P584.00 

So schedule your getaway and have a happy feet! 🙂

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