Maniwaya Island – Sta. Cruz, Marinduque

It has been roughly four months after we have had the Vitamin SEA, our nerves and skin have been that thirsty to the crystal-clear-and-salted water of the ocean. The month of June is the beginning of rainy season here in the Philippines, but it takes a lot of timing and preparedness as we planned to set sail on one of the beautiful islands of Marinduque, the Maniwaya Island.
Maniwaya Island is located in Sta. Cruz and one of the smaller islands in Marinduque. Other islands near the Maniwaya are the Mompong Island and Polo Island. 
The legend of the island of Marinduque is so interesting as it was formed as a consequence of a tragic love affair between Mariin and Gatduke.  Same as the old tale stories go that the parents of the female character, Mariin did not approve her love for Gatduke and planned to behead the male character. Before this would happen, Mariin and Gatduke eloped and sailed to the sea, which they drowned together forming the island which is now called Marinduque.
And so we went to Maniwaya Island via Grand Central Terminal in Lucena then rode a van going to Gen Luna where the port going to Maniwaya Island is located.

These gents are right on time!

We are so ready to do this!

The water colors from dark blue turned to sky blue to clear emerald green as we reached the beautiful island of Maniwaya. We met few flying fishes along the way; some part of the ocean with clear emerald green colored water is welcoming us with corals and starfishes under.
It is so easy to spot Marikit-Na Resort as it is located in front of the beach. You will be greeted by this beautiful and high-end looking façade of the resort with its huge name made of Bamboo with different paint colors, just enough to see that you arrived at your destination.
Know more about Marikit-Na and what it offers here.
After the sumptuous breakfast, we are so ready to explore Maniwaya Island. First stop is the other side of Maniwaya Island where Palo Maria Resort is situated. We are so lucky to have the sun up despite the weather forecast of thunderstorm. And that we are the only human beings having fun in this amazing island!

We fell inlove right then and there!

More fun under!

Crystal clear! It’s like a mirror!

Quality water in this island!

All of us just can’t get enough!

More under water shots please!

We can’t resist the water, oh yes!

Next stop is the Mompong Island where you can find the amazing Ungab Rock Formation. It’s so fascinating and everyone was left in awe with this view!

Jaw-dropping view of Ungab Rock Formation.

Just WOW!

Groufie with this beautiful scenery!

Ungab Rock Formation is such an exceptional beauty of art! A bridge-like rock formed with an opening that shaped like a witch hat, added by the crystal emerald green water, it is so beautiful. 

We surely are having so much fun under the sun!

You can clearly see in our skin how we enjoyed the water and sun. But the most awaited place is yet to be revealed this afternoon! Before we lose all our energy, we decided to head back to Marikit-na Resort to recharge our energy for the next adventure – the Palad Sandbar!

After eating lunch and resting a bit, charging phones and securing photos captured awhile ago, we are all set to be amazed in the middle of the ocean!

With the 15-minute boat ride from the Marikit-na Resort, we were greeted by one of the most amazing creations in the middle of the ocean!

Palad Sandbar at its finest!

You can only see the Palad Sandbar in a very limited time, as the water is low tide about 3:00PM-4:00PM, there you’ll see the amazing Palad Sandbar in the middle of the ocean. The waves a little strong as they meet at the center of the Sandbar; be careful as you swim at the sides of the sandbar it may be deceiving but some parts are deep so better not risk.
This is just so amazing!


I won’t mind playing horseback riding or do the signature tumbling!

Yoga-ing at the Palad Sandbar! Amazing!

We call ourselves so blessed as today is a perfect day with the sun beaming at us as we enjoy ourselves with the waves. Oh the clear blue-green ocean plus, the Palad Sandbar let us enjoy its magnificent!

How romantic this place is?! For friends and for lovers! 

Now I understand why Miss Earth 2015 Candidates chose to stay at Marikit-Na and explore Maniwaya Island!

Again, this place is so AMAZING!


June 19, 2015

1:25AM – Jac Liner Bus Terminal at Buendia (Gil Puyat LRT Station)
3:45AM – Grand Terminal Lucena
5:00AM – Van Terminal going to the Port of Gen Luna
8:00AM – Boat ride from Gen Luna Port to Marikit-Na resort
9:30AM – Breakfast at Marikit-Na resort
10:00AM – Island hopping (Mompong Island and side of Palo Maria Resort Shore)
1:00PM – Go back to Marikit-Na resort for lunch
2:10PM – Lunch at Marikit-Na resort
3:30PM – Going to Palad Sandbar

5:50PM – Go back to Marikit-Na

June 20, 2015

7:30AM – Island hopping and swimming time
10:30AM – Back to Marikit-Na for snacks and preparation to go back to Manila
12:00NN – Set sail to Gen Luna Port
1:30PM – Van from Gen Luna going to Grand Central Terminal Lucena
3:00PM – Bus going to Buendia (drop off at Dela Rosa)

9:00PM – Arrival at Dela Rosa, Makati

Total cost/pax: P2, 588.00

P209 – Bus Fare to Lucena Grand Terminal
P160 – Van from Grand Terminal to Gen Luna Port
P1000 – Boat Fare (P6000/boat and can hold about 8 pax)
P150 – Budget per meal
P700 – Accommodation overnight

4 thoughts on “Maniwaya Island – Sta. Cruz, Marinduque

  1. Hi! It says in your itinerary that you went Island Hopping on the 2nd day as well 🙂 wondering if you went to a different beach not included in your 1st day (rock formation,Palad sandbar)?


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