Happy Ripples Resort – San Fabian, Pangasinan 

It may not be a very good time to be out and about to do team building (and do lotsa obstacle course challenges) in this kind of weather but its still a good timing to do a wellness retreat with co-employees.

After all the hard work and busyness in the office, the management have decided to do a wellness retreat at Happy Ripples Resort.

The main objective of this wellness retreat is to boost self awareness and self value with all different workshops and activities prepared. We were accompanied by a professional psychologist, Ms. Belai Gruenberg.


Yey! The girls are so ready for self-discovery activities!

The Happy Ripples Beach Resort is located in San Fabian, Pangasinan. This resort was built by a certain owner, Mr. Romeo Pinlac. This was erected as a private resort intended only for family and close friends of the family, said by one of the staffs in the resort. Thus, the resort was publicly opened three (3) years ago.

The resort has a one (1) pool 3ft-5.5ft which you may enjoy anytime of the day.


Despite of the not-so-good weather, the pool is still inviting.

The place is really a perfect place for the whole family or with a group of friends. But most especially, its really a good place for a retreat, with all the amenities and function areas needed, be it with outdoor or indoor activities.


Garden venue for outdoor activities and a covered entertainment area for indoor actvities.

It also has different rooms for overnight accommodation, be it for small or big groups.

Other areas where you may conduct some of the activities include the place in front of the beach where you may eat and do some of group activities such as enhancing your writing skills.


I can still feel the cool breeze coming from the beach. Such a sweet sound of waves!

We were able to maximize the afternoon by the beach.

The wellness retreat we’ve attended have given us so much self-realization and discovered more about ourselves which led us to understand more our own capabilities and embrace the strengths that we have, as well as known our weaknesses. We have discovered other things we can do that we did not realize before that we can do it.

Some of the activities done are more of self expression through writing, mission-vision and setting of self goals, and art as well! We have also enhanced building trust with our colleagues and friends.

And the main highlight of this getaway is more of indulging ourselves with food!

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My favorite part? The morning yoga session by the garden!


A very wonderful day, indeed to do this deep breathing session this morning — yoga!

Happy Ripples Beach Resort rates and other information:

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For a relaxed getaway with family and friends, try this beach resort in San Fabian, Pangasinan and have a happy feet!