Protect your baby from unwanted chemicals

Note: This is not a sponsored blog.

When I learnt that I am growing a life in my tummy, there’s only one thing that comes to my mind. How will I protect this baby even if she’s still inside my womb?

I have been affiliated in a nutritional company where children’s health is the number one priority. With the organic nutritional campaign that the company has been promoting, I was fed with a lot of medical studies that provide vital information most especially on how critical the first 1000days of babies.

Hence, through these infomation, I was somehow equipped with the do’s and dont’s especially when you are pregnant.

I have read some studies about Generation Z or the Millenial babies having been intoxicated with chemicals due to the diet of their mom as well as the things that they have been using which are full of pesticides and chemicals.

And this is the stage of my life that I have decided to shift from commercialized products into a more natural products that may help lessen the chemicals that are flowing inside my body thus, may affect my baby.

After thorough trade check in the supermarket and grocery stores, I finally found what I have been looking for–Human Nature 100% Natural Products.

I only want the best for my child so as a double purpose of taking care of myself. And so, I totally switch into using natural products (toiletries) all throughout my pregnancy.


Before my pregnancy, it is inevitable that most of the time my head’s pounding due to stress at work. Since I have shifted using Human Nature Natural Shampoo, though I still experience headache during my 1st trimester, it didn’t last long and positively progressing especially during my 2nd trimester until today. Good bye headache!


Well, as the saying goes that your hair is always better whenever there is a conditioner after shampoo. The partners in crime, indeed. This is my favorite, it is cool and relaxing in the scalp.


Pregnancy can make your skin dry. I am not sure why, but thanks to this natural body lotion, it prevented my skin from drying. I just liked the scents of lotions they offer! So fruity yet not so sweet. What I also like about this lotion is it isn’t sticky and doesn’t feel so slimy.


I have been so conscious with my face because I don’t want to really see and feel dry. Thanks to these moisturizing creams which I also discovered. It made my face soft and moisturize. I’m using both cream for day and night.


Well, this lipbalm is a lip saver indeed! During my pregnancy until giving birth, my lips was prevented from drying. So handy dandy!


This is one of the things I usually travel with. Methol that cures my sudden feeling of dizzyness, which is very common during pregnancy. It made me feel relax and it calms my nose against different smells.


During my 4th trimester, my tummy is too itchy and I need to make sure that I protect my tummy from scratch! Thanks for this little container that always rescue me with bug bites and itchyness.


I was really horrified with the news about Zika virus. There were like four (4) cases here in the Philippines and it made me feel anxious and worried that I already developed a fear with mosquitoes! Thanks to this all natural mosquito repellent, its a relief to have this with me wherever I am, all the time.


My 2nd trimester was during the summer season and going out under the sun is inevitable. It really hurts to the skin whenever exposed to sunlight especially with the climate here in the country with only two seasons — rainy season and the summer season. This sunblock is helping me protect my skin from UV rays thus, preventing skin cancer or any other skin problems.


Yes, even toothpaste. All natural for your teeth and mouth, no chemicals. You may also check the color lable at the bottom of the packaging, its green which connotes that the toothpaste is indeed a natural product.
Though I can’t keep an eye with my diet, but for the record, I have been really trying so hard to eat only healthy and if possible organic food products, for at least all my toiletries are all 100% natural.

Commercialized kind of products (toiletries and cosmetics) that you use everyday can really affect your baby inside because of the ingredients used which basically are chemicals. So, this is really a good simple way to lessen the pesticides and chemicals that your body may absorb and may affect your little bundle of joy.

Hence, it may be a little difficult sometimes but it is more fun and fulfilling to enjoy the entire process of pregnancy.


Enjoy every moment of pregnancy with these natural products!


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