Affordable way to celebrate Christening


As parents it isn’t that easy to put up an occasion after major occasions. The hassle and budget are few of the factors to consider. After Mori arrived, my husband and I are very anxious with our finances thus, we always discuss about proper financial planning–be it small or big expenses.

We long planned to celebrate Mori’s baptismal on her 3rd month which will be on the month of December of the same year, 2016 so as to celebrate my birthday.

My husband and I agreed to just have a very simple gathering with her godparents, more of to cherish that day filled with fun and bonding moments rather than put up a fancy and overwhelming set-up. This would also save us to bigger expenditures and hassle of preparing everything. So what are the simple things to consider?

1. Number of guests. Make a guest list so you are able to identify the priorities in this occasion. Actually, your baby will not remember this event hence, you may want to consider who you will invite. The smaller the number of guests, the less expense you will incur.

2. Church venue. Make sure to register the baptismal day of your little one way ahead of the date. You may also need to consider the proximity of the church to your reception venue just to give a little convenience with your guests as well.

3. Reception venue. In this kind of event, food is very important. Make sure to somehow know the types of tastebuds your guests have. Just a little consideration that they will not just enjoy the ceremony but also, the bonding moment where everyone can relate — food! Also, as busy parents, it is also important to know a place where you don’t need a florist or an interior designer to create magic to the place, be practical to find a venue where it has everything you need, including sound system, yes.

4. Take-away gifts for godparents. As part of the culture and tradition here in the Philippines, it is but important to give something to the godparents of your little one. As of the time being, it is practical to give out something to eat or use (which I mean that it is really useful to daily life) to be given to godparents. In our case, since most of the godparents are not from our province, we have decided to give something to eat that is popularly known in our place-Boneless Milk Fish! And a bonus of home-made vinegar. 🙂

Invitations are cool to do, for less expense, you can never go wrong with a DIY invites. In our case, we no longer made one, we just made sure everyone on the list was informed ahead of time and are being reminded the a couple of days before the event day.

We did not hire a photographer and even an emcee. As simple as it is, we opted to just deliver our message to everyone who have attended our Mori’s christening and that we let them enjoy the sumptuous dinner with a cool and relaxing music. Also, we let our aspiring photographer friends to document the details of the event. As parents, our aim is to make sure Mori’s christening is a memorable one which we can repeatedly share the whole story to her alongside with all the priceless photos taken.

For Mori’s Christening details:

Church: St. John the Evangelist Parish Church of Dagupan City; Presiding priest: Auxiliary Bishop Elmer


Reception venue: Matutina Gerry’s Seafood Restaurant located at the De Venecia Highway 


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