Green Residential Community in Dagupan City

There are so many considerations when you are about to decide on investing to real estate. My husband and I have been continuously conversing on when and where to build our own little home. Yet, all the factors should be laid down and measure all the risks especially when we go down to the cost.

When we both tried to list down the factors that we will consider in buying a house, we end up with the same ideas. And these include safety and security of our family (taking into consideration of what really is happening to our surroundings), the affordability (we always end up asking ourselves, “can we afford the monthly amortization of the property we will get?”), and the type of neighborhood we will be having. These are just the common factors we have that we would like to uphold. All these factors boils down to one great reason, the safety and security as well as providing good environment for our children.

And this is where Palmas Verdes Subdivision come in. I find it as the place that is perfect for my family! It has a 24-hour security and CCTV cameras to make sure that everyone is secured. The community has good community amenities which include swimming pool, basketball court, barbeque pit and the clubhouse. But, I heard there are still some future developments for children’s park and a commercial area later on.

What we like about the community is that it offers modern model houses, the neighborhood offers a unique atmosphere; its as if we are abroad. My husband and I believed that if you have a quality neighborhood (there is a aesthetic harmony with somehow-identical house designs and professional neighbors), the value of your house appreciates. At the same time, there is a high quality of life.

Another bonus why we would like to be part of this community is because Palmas Verdes Subdivision is the only green residential community in the city! And now, Phase 2 will be launched soon! Can’t wait for us to see the new sales map and hopefully get our own spot! We signed up for the priority list so we will get notified if the Phase 2 is ready for reservation.


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