Mori’s first swimming at Pugad Adventure, Pugo, La Union

I’ve always dreamt of this day to come ~ Mori’s first swimming activity. I am excited to know and see her reactions upon seeing colorful slides and her first encounter with a huge amount of water with clear blue color. I always wonder what would be her facial expressions.

The family were able to explore the Pugad Adventure resort which is located in Pugo, La Union to celebrate the birthday of my brother-in-law just this May 5, 2017. Since I’ve heard good stories and adventures in Pugad, I am so excited to experience what the place has to offer.

The Pugad Adventure didn’t just have major activities such as zip line, ATV and other activities that adventurous people may love to try. It also has three (3) huge swimming pool sets for visitors which, I found it really cool as it didn’t made the pool so crowded at all.

There are also cool cottages for the whole family or for the whole pack of friends! Ours is at P1,200 rate, good for about 10-15 persons.

So, Mori is so joyous as she witness the beauty of nature in combination of colorful slides in the kid’s pool. Mori at the time we went there is almost eight (8) months and this is the first time she will encounter a pool. You only need a two or three things to make your little one’s first swimming a memorable one.

  • Rashguard – Make sure to have her own rashguard, just the proper attire to go swimming. Mori has her own bathing suit but, at her age, I suggest not to expose too much of her skin to the sun.
  • Sunblock – Do not forget the sunblock to protect not only your skin but also your little one’s. Make sure to apply this to her skin 15-20 minutes before exposing her to the sun.
  • Bathrobe – Make sure to have this on standby.
  • Lifebouy – If its possible to have a small lifebouy. But, for Mori, we let her enjoy the water first to make sure we have slowly introduced to her the huge amount water. So she may perfectly accept such activity~swimming!
  • Camera – Make sure to capture your little one’s best reactions especially her facial expressions in seeing, feeling and enjoying the first encounter with the big amount of water.

Mori enjoyed the pool for about 15 minutes. Make sure to slowly and carefully introduce the water, making sure she examined first the colorful slides, the waves of the pool then slowly, you let her feel the water in her toes then to her waist. Then, you let the water wet her hair manually, I opted not to let her plunge the water. Hehe!

We did not have any problem with Mori’s acceptance and her curiosity is visible to her eyes. She is not resistant and somehow, as I teach her to float, her body calmly reacted and did it!

My husband and I totally enjoyed as much as Mori enjoyed it! It was a perfect summer getaway for us. So do not be afraid to slowly introduce new activities to your little ones. But, make sure to do it calmly and surely your baby will love it! 🙂

On the other hand, aside from swimming activity, we have also enjoyed taking our family snaps in different spots in Pugad.

They have mini zoo inside the resort! You just have to pay P25.00/head to enter and already have the chance to have your photo with a snake in your neck! There are some cafes however, it is not in operation when we went there.

As mentioned earlier there some major activities such zipline, ATV and the like. We opted not to try as the heavy rain pours and we don’t want to be in trouble, in case. But, overall, it’s worth the travel and surely the whole family will enjoy the place! 🙂


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