The perfect place to live at the heart of Araneta Center, Cubao

Nowadays, it’s a little difficult to find a place to stay especially near your workplace. If you happen to work or study around Araneta Center, Cubao or nearby towns and you are looking for a place to live then this condominium unit is the right one for you!

The Amaia Skies Cubao Condominium units are located at the heart of Cubao Center, within the Araneta Center, along P. Tuazon. The location is very accessible to many places as the terminals and MRT station Cubao is very near. Your neighborhood includes different malls such as the SM City, Gateway, Farmer’s Plaza, Ali Mall where you may do your shopping or hit the movie house during weekends with your friends and family. No worries if ever you are planning to watch the PBA game or hit the concert of your favorite artists as the unit is very near the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Most important, there is no problem is accessing your workplace as the unit location has all the access going north or south of Luzon.

There are two (2) available studio units with own bathroom FOR SALE or FOR RENT. It has a ready connection for wired phone and cable, has all needed universal outlets to charge your gadgets. Provision for air conditioning unit, own sink, window for ventilation, water and electricity is already available for usage.

Also, free access for amenities of the building such as swimming pool, children’s playground and garden. There’s also a function room available just across the swimming pool area.

As of the moment, the owner is still in the process of arranging some furnishings and other stuff needed.

Interested? Please coordinate thru sending your email at


Organic cheek & lip products: where to find?

It has been two years now since I have been trying to shift slowly with organic and natural products. And, I am more getting hooked with the organic products I am currently using and still exploring for other necessity products (which are also organic) in the market. All throughout my pregnancy to present time,  I have been using the 100% Natural products of Human Nature.

Since I’m also a fanatic for make ups, I had the opportunity to come across Laurent Cosmetics which are 100% organic! The lip and cheek tints by Laurent Cosmetics are one of the main products where people are hooked with nowadays, including me!

I got most of my shades right now at Mary’s Beauty Secrets, an online shop/seller who is not just carrying organic lip and cheek tints but also 100% organic lip scrub!

Mary’s Beauty Secrets is based in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. I bought a lip scrub for my husband because I know that he smokes and at the same time with his job, teaching (and as a student, it is distracting seeing your trainer with a black lips, right?). As first, he is not really convinced but, just right after using it, he just so loved it! Actually, we loved it! Smooth and soft lips, indeed! Plus, the item is very affordable at P120.00!

The lip and cheek tint contributes to my everyday natural-look. It doesn’t smudge at all and, it colors my cheeks for almost the whole day!

There are eight (8) shades to choose from and use each for the rest of the week. I love it as with my current job, I just like handy stuff and these lip & cheek tints are no exception! So, its easy to grab and go for shootings and meetings.


I’m just happy that I don’t need to order in Manila or somewhere else, Mary’s Beauty Secrets got them all! I even followed them in instagram @marysbeautysecrets for more updates and other way to communicate for my orders. 🙂

I am not the only one hooked with these amazing lip and cheek tints, my sister and friends are, too! I even buy Mary’s Beauty Secrets’ products as a gift to my guy and girl friends to smoothen their lips and to color it with organic lippies!

I think they will also be carrying Pilaten Korean mask and other cool korean products later on, which are also the products I love to use. I’m sooo excited! More products to come, thanks Mary’s Beauty Secrets! 😀

Lip & Cheek Tints by Laurent Cosmetics ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Food Grade Colorant, Propylene Glycol, Vitamin E, Flavors and Potassium Sorbate as preservative

Lip Scrub by Lip Fuel ingredients: Organic Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Lemon Flavor (for the Pink Lemonade variant), Cherry Flavor (for the Chocolate Cherry variant), Pure Natural Pink FC