1st Holistic Wellness Fair

Ever since we moved back here in the province, accessibility to different natural and organic products are limited. But, thanks to e-commerce, I’m still able to explore and buy reusable, organic/natural products online (though shipping fee and the waiting of items’ arrival & depositing payment is a bit of a hassle). Good news is that there are several wellness advocates from Dagupan City who organized the very 1st Holistic Wellness Fair! 😍😍😍

Holistic Mandala_HWF

I am really thrilled and so happy to know that this event would be a very good venue to explore new products on hand! Its a craze because there would be about 26 vendors catering organic & natural product items and vegetarian food + 10 talks about wellness lifestyle and financial freedom + 4 workshops for 2 days on May 5 & 6, 2018, Saturday & Sunday! 😊😉


Also, ticket for the said event will only cost you P50.00, good for 2 days and this ticket will also give you the chance to win raffle items! 🤩

Would definitely be going to this event! Good food + great products (with affordable prices) + new learnings + meet new friends — AMAZEBALLS! 🤩🤪😚

Let’s go together! 😎☺

Buy your tickets at their official ticket outlets:
Stillwater Spa (Perez Boulevard, beside Wearelse Shop, Mondays to Sundays 1PM-11PM;
Human Nature Dagupan (Tapuac District), Mondays to Saturdays 10AM-6PM;
Palmas Verdes Green Residential Community (Bonuan Binloc), Mondays to Saturdays 8AM-5PM

Don’t forget your eco bags and see you fellow wellness advocates! 💓



Young Living Asia-Pacific Convention

So, it’s been about a month now after the Young Living convention fever in KL, Malaysia and if I may say, I had a blast! 😍


It is very rewarding to be part of this momentous event — first ever convention in Asia-Pacific region! 😱 — because I was able to have the opportunity to encounter all essential oils that Young Living is offering. Having in mind that not all oils are available to all countries that has YL offices.

The 3-day convention was full of learnings — about the process on how to derive the essential oils from the source, how they grow these plants, how stringent is the process of picking farm partners all over the world, the benefits and usage of these oils, and my favorite, the Seed to Seal meaning and the science behind it.

Also, it was really a wonderful avenue to discover more about the other products that YL is offering, from beauty products such as skin care, to new launched savvy mineral make ups, to health benefits from single & blend oils to launching a new product called Brain Wave technology; how to promote and help other people by doing it as your own business.


The two best speakers during the convention!

Members also got the chance to know who are the best people behind Young Living Essential Oils and have imparted details of their tasks to ensure everyone that we are all taken cared of, with all our concerns and making sure all orders are attended properly. We got the chance to get our new kits at KL office!


Fresh goody bags at Young Living office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As of the moment, we are welcoming more and more members of our team and conduct series of workshops to share and learn more about the versatility of all Young Living oils!

Want to enjoy every drop of these amazing oil and be part of our team? Sure, go get your kit first here https://yl.pe/7qqp then buzz me after! 🌈☺️🤗

How to say it’s the perfect time?

God’s way + God’s will = God’s perfect timing 🙏🏼

This is the formula that most of us don’t understand well because we would like to push things according to our own way, will and timing. Hence, most situations we encounter, we fail. Sometimes, bigtime.

In most cases, our human instinct pushes as to fail because we lack trust and confidence to Him. But, our God still manage to turn around things and make us winners despite of failure.. That’s when learning and realizations come in.

When we fail due to our being stubborn and impatient, God still guide us and lead us where is the right path. However, being resistant is one of the reasons why we fail to go back to the path where we should be. Thus, our mistakes accumulate and we never really learned at all because we keep on repeating what is wrong.

But of course, God is a loving God. So He, again, manages to turn around things for our own good. That is where family and friends come in. He gave us people who He chose to be instruments to guide us, motivate us and tell us to get up.

You see, everything is a matter of God’s perfect way, will and timing. You just have the trust and faith He needs from you. It may not be given to you during the time you think you needed it the most. But, He will definitely give it to you the least you expect it because, He knows, it is when you TRULY need it the most.

So if you are feeling down, sad, beaten or upset. Always remember the formula. ☺️🙏🏼

Baby wearing

I was just pregnant with Mori when I started to search for different baby carriers. Something that would give comfort not only to my baby but, also to me.

I didn’t actually bother to look again for a carrier after giving birth but, come 4th month of Mori, I felt the need to search for the right one for me and my little one. When Mori turned 6 weeks old, her godmother gave her a baby carrier from Japan, and no doubt with the quality and comfy however, I can’t use it to Mori just yet.

Finally, was able to be aware about baby wearing. At first, I hesitated, because for one, I don’t know where can I find it as it is not available in the province and two, I don’t know how to use it thus, safety and security of my baby is uncertain.

Then, I found SaYa baby carrier. I thoroughly searched first about how secure and safe it is for both of us, how to use it and where to find them. And, thanks to Indigobaby’s instagram, they sell online and they offer not only the SaYa baby carrier but also some other carriers you might be comfy with depending on what works for you and your little one.

The SaYa baby carrier is made of clothe – 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. I personally chose this kind of carrier because its handy, it goes to mom’s fashion due to its color and more importantly, my little one will feel comfy and secured. The SaYa VTB is a little stretchable, enough stretch for my baby to adjust.

What I liked most about this SaYa baby carrier is that, I am very comfortable and I don’t need to worry about not able to eat or carry something in my hands. It supports my back as well as the back of my baby. It is a big help to me not only when we go out to dine or buy at the grocery but its a heaven sent whenever we travel by car or public transportation for 30 minutes and beyond.

It was also a smooth journey as Mori had her first out of town trip because I have the SaYa baby carrier. I can’t wait to share with you how excited and how Mori enjoyed her first out of town trip. But, overall I’m giving this SaYa VTB baby carrier a 5-star! A baby carrier that gives you more opportunity to bond with your baby through hugging and skin touch. 🙂


Tricks on how to get your baby get a good sleep

Lately, I noticed that Mori is really playful that she get to sleep a little late and that its really hard on our part to let her sleep. Sometimes, though she really want to sleep she just couldn’t get a good sleep and in this case, she cries a lot.

So with all the experimentations in making Mori sleep really challenged us a lot. Yes, with several tricks somehow we were able to achieve our goal.

1. Sleeping time management. Mori’s routine is to wake up around 6AM-7AM, feed her and let her out to catch the morning sunlight. After which we bath her at 9AM then feed her again then she’ll catch a morning sleep, sometimes about an hour or two. At lunch time she wakes up then sleep again for an hour or sometimes an afternoon nap for thirty minutes. She’ll wake up around 3-3:30PM and play until the sun is down. As much as possible we prevent her from sleeping during sunset and preserve it for night time. We tend to let her sleep after feeding by 7PM-8PM so she’ll get up at around 2AM or 3AM to eat then she’ll just wake at the same time in the morning at around 6AM-7AM.

If we can, we try our very best to maintain these time schedules to make sure that she is getting enough sleep especially night time. Also, we want her to practice that during night, it is intended for sleeping while daytime is more of feeding and playing.

2. Discover your little one’s comfort. There’s this one night when Mori couldn’t really catch her sleep and she cries a lot, we were very worried. We have already done all steps in dancing just to please her and hoping that she finds comfort with the sway but with no success. I noticed that her hands are very busy looking for something to hold on, since I still don’t allow Mori to hold any stuffed toys (as this will promote allergies or asthma), I figured that when her hands have something to hold on, she calms. And so, we were able to identify a good grip with her small pillow hotdog. Hence, she instantly fell asleep with her pillow hotdog and her pacifier in her mouth.

3. You can never go wrong with music. My voice was already tested and it made Mori have a good sleep (admitted, I don’t have a good singing voice). Yet, it would definitely be a very tiring way to let her sleep, you know, singing and dancing at the same time. So, with my music application in my phone, I tried to play modern music which I really liked and it also comfort Mori and able to sleep smoothly. At first, I am not open in playing modern music for Mori to hear especially in the process in catching her sleep. But, when I tried to play some modern songs other than classical songs (which made me relax too and make me wanna sleep!), Mori is comfortable with these melody and sleeps faster than before.

4. Dim lights. When Mori woke up in an unusual late night time, she did not get her chance to go back to sleep again in an instant (especially seeing her parents wide awake too!). Having her toys (mostly are teethers) to keep her busy and consume her huge energy (as she just woke up), feed her to fill her tummy and eventually would fall asleep. But she just don’t wanna close her eyes. So, we tried having dim lights just to test if it would be effective for her to rest her eyes and get a good sleep. With the right position of her in my arms, dancing and swaying with so many moves, her pacifier and pillow hotdog, atlas, we won! She fell asleep and we were able to rest as well.

Those are just some of our major moves for Mori get a good sleep and there are a lot more techniques to explore. What about yours? What are your ways to let your little bub get a good night sleep?