Little ways in supporting #ZeroWaste

It’s been two (2) years now and counting when I started switching into organic and natural products. It’s really an amazing feeling being healthy in and out as well as helping the environment.

With this personal advocacy, I was able to research more and share these information with my family and friends who would also want to switch in green living. In addition, I was able to connect with other people and organizations who have the same advocacy as mine which gives me so much learnings and tips on how to be living healthier.

Part of my advocacy is to minimize and eventually be an individual who have zero waste materials to somehow contribute in minimizing the waste being thrown every single day. I know it wouldn’t be that easy as ABC but, I’m starting with some of my little ways.

Here are just few of my little efforts in support to #ZeroWaste:

Bamboo Straws


As an individual who is alarmed on what is happening to the environment, I’m trying to make simple efforts on how to help preserve what is left. And now, I am sharing to you this simple way to contribute in making our Earth a happier place to live.

One of the things that people are constantly using but not realizing the effects in the environment are the plastic straws; with an average usage of 1.6 straws per person and with around 500 million in total of straw wastes every single day. These plastic straws are small items that add up to the growing waste we currently have! Imagine the impact of these wastes in addition with other waste materials we throw every day? Disturbing! 😳

But, thanks to the people who have a heart to think of simple ways in helping the environment to breathe. I finally found a locally made bamboo straw which is reusable, good to the environment and most especially, purchasing these items helps people make a living.

The bamboo straws by Island Happy Ph are gathered by Tagbanuas in Aborlan, Palawan. So while being eco-friendly, we provide them with a livelihood.

Very affordable and stylish bamboo straws for you and your family and friends. Great items for personal use or as a gift. The package comes with two (2) bamboo straws, one (1) cleaner and a pouch for storage.

Please note that these bamboo straws are carefully handcrafted hence, availability takes about 10 days before it arrives. Want one? You may buy your own here: Mary’s Beauty Secrets for just a P150/package.

Menstrual Pads (Pasador)


I really thought of this move for not only once, twice or thrice. I’ve thought about this for quite some time especially that I never grew up in this kind of material being used. Plus, the thought of menstruation which is not really that hygienic. Hence, I’ve read gazillions of reviews and feedbacks and, I’ve convinced myself that this is really the right time and that it would help my budget as well (no more monthly shopping time for menstrual pads + contribution to waste!).

I was able to get my new and cute pasador pads from Binibining Lakambini through Hoy Bata Ph shop located in Parañaque. They have different types of pads depending on the flow of menstruation (heavy, moderate and slight) to choose from. They also have daily liners in replacement with panty liners.

There are so many benefits in using these pasador pads. Aside from it prevents your private part in getting rashes or itchiness, it also protects you not to acquire UTI and cancer. Here are the 10 benefits from Binibining Lakambini in using these pasadors:


Thinking to switch? You may directly order to Binibining Lakambini 🙂


Baby wearing

I was just pregnant with Mori when I started to search for different baby carriers. Something that would give comfort not only to my baby but, also to me.

I didn’t actually bother to look again for a carrier after giving birth but, come 4th month of Mori, I felt the need to search for the right one for me and my little one. When Mori turned 6 weeks old, her godmother gave her a baby carrier from Japan, and no doubt with the quality and comfy however, I can’t use it to Mori just yet.

Finally, was able to be aware about baby wearing. At first, I hesitated, because for one, I don’t know where can I find it as it is not available in the province and two, I don’t know how to use it thus, safety and security of my baby is uncertain.

Then, I found SaYa baby carrier. I thoroughly searched first about how secure and safe it is for both of us, how to use it and where to find them. And, thanks to Indigobaby’s instagram, they sell online and they offer not only the SaYa baby carrier but also some other carriers you might be comfy with depending on what works for you and your little one.

The SaYa baby carrier is made of clothe – 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. I personally chose this kind of carrier because its handy, it goes to mom’s fashion due to its color and more importantly, my little one will feel comfy and secured. The SaYa VTB is a little stretchable, enough stretch for my baby to adjust.

What I liked most about this SaYa baby carrier is that, I am very comfortable and I don’t need to worry about not able to eat or carry something in my hands. It supports my back as well as the back of my baby. It is a big help to me not only when we go out to dine or buy at the grocery but its a heaven sent whenever we travel by car or public transportation for 30 minutes and beyond.

It was also a smooth journey as Mori had her first out of town trip because I have the SaYa baby carrier. I can’t wait to share with you how excited and how Mori enjoyed her first out of town trip. But, overall I’m giving this SaYa VTB baby carrier a 5-star! A baby carrier that gives you more opportunity to bond with your baby through hugging and skin touch. 🙂


Tricks on how to get your baby get a good sleep

Lately, I noticed that Mori is really playful that she get to sleep a little late and that its really hard on our part to let her sleep. Sometimes, though she really want to sleep she just couldn’t get a good sleep and in this case, she cries a lot.

So with all the experimentations in making Mori sleep really challenged us a lot. Yes, with several tricks somehow we were able to achieve our goal.

1. Sleeping time management. Mori’s routine is to wake up around 6AM-7AM, feed her and let her out to catch the morning sunlight. After which we bath her at 9AM then feed her again then she’ll catch a morning sleep, sometimes about an hour or two. At lunch time she wakes up then sleep again for an hour or sometimes an afternoon nap for thirty minutes. She’ll wake up around 3-3:30PM and play until the sun is down. As much as possible we prevent her from sleeping during sunset and preserve it for night time. We tend to let her sleep after feeding by 7PM-8PM so she’ll get up at around 2AM or 3AM to eat then she’ll just wake at the same time in the morning at around 6AM-7AM.

If we can, we try our very best to maintain these time schedules to make sure that she is getting enough sleep especially night time. Also, we want her to practice that during night, it is intended for sleeping while daytime is more of feeding and playing.

2. Discover your little one’s comfort. There’s this one night when Mori couldn’t really catch her sleep and she cries a lot, we were very worried. We have already done all steps in dancing just to please her and hoping that she finds comfort with the sway but with no success. I noticed that her hands are very busy looking for something to hold on, since I still don’t allow Mori to hold any stuffed toys (as this will promote allergies or asthma), I figured that when her hands have something to hold on, she calms. And so, we were able to identify a good grip with her small pillow hotdog. Hence, she instantly fell asleep with her pillow hotdog and her pacifier in her mouth.

3. You can never go wrong with music. My voice was already tested and it made Mori have a good sleep (admitted, I don’t have a good singing voice). Yet, it would definitely be a very tiring way to let her sleep, you know, singing and dancing at the same time. So, with my music application in my phone, I tried to play modern music which I really liked and it also comfort Mori and able to sleep smoothly. At first, I am not open in playing modern music for Mori to hear especially in the process in catching her sleep. But, when I tried to play some modern songs other than classical songs (which made me relax too and make me wanna sleep!), Mori is comfortable with these melody and sleeps faster than before.

4. Dim lights. When Mori woke up in an unusual late night time, she did not get her chance to go back to sleep again in an instant (especially seeing her parents wide awake too!). Having her toys (mostly are teethers) to keep her busy and consume her huge energy (as she just woke up), feed her to fill her tummy and eventually would fall asleep. But she just don’t wanna close her eyes. So, we tried having dim lights just to test if it would be effective for her to rest her eyes and get a good sleep. With the right position of her in my arms, dancing and swaying with so many moves, her pacifier and pillow hotdog, atlas, we won! She fell asleep and we were able to rest as well.

Those are just some of our major moves for Mori get a good sleep and there are a lot more techniques to explore. What about yours? What are your ways to let your little bub get a good night sleep?

Baby’s Milestones: How to keep records

I have been recording Mori’s milestones almost everyday as everything about her moves are first times. It certainly is a very wonderful yet challenging to be a mom but motherhood is one exciting adventure to explore!

Mori’s milestones have a huge impact to us. We were able to appreciate more the little things that connects to her, the reactions we get are like diamonds and we tend to be so upset when we kinda missed the first time she have done it.

Keeping records such as having monthly photos of her, capturing priceless facial reactions is superb (which is my favorite thing to do) and even the evolution of her eyelashes was on the record!

Mori’s milestones so far:

1 month old: Mori is able to lift her head (with support); shapes and sounds are her first love. More of hours of sleeping than awake.

I only got the chance to breastfeed Mori for a month, after returning to work, no milk anymore. Good thing, I got an organic milk that also has oligosaccharides that can only be found in breastmilk, and that the only sugar content of the milk is 100% lactose.

2 months old: Mori is more of eye contact, sharp ears and more of talking. She just had her ears pierced! Her first word at 2 months old is ‘WOW’!


Soo cute my baby with this hat.

3 months old: Mori is more observant to people and things that surrounds her. She can lift her head without any head lag anymore. She can already sit (with support) and everyone is really amazed as her bones are really strong!

4 months old: She is so excited when she got to see more colors and hear different sounds. Mori is too excited to have something to put in her mouth. Though she can be fed pureed baby food but I opted not too and will just wait around her 6 months to be confidently say that somehow her stomach can handle other foods than milk. Oh, and she just had her first ride with a token-operated car!

Her first time to be on her own tummy is just so amazing! 🙂

5 months old: She is very quite especially when she is outside home. She giggles whenever she sees chickens, dogs and cats!

Whenever we are at the mall, she just keep on looking and not a single word can be heard from her. She is happy to see people walking around and just stare at different colors from the signages then later on fell asleep on her own.

Almost 6 months old: She just had her first baby food! The yummy banana which I personally prepared for her. After which, I got the chance to buy HiPP Organic Baby Food (though you may buy these yummy jars of HiPP Organic in Manila as it is not yet available here in Dagupan City.) With her first flavor, the Apple and Pear, her first taste reaction is epic! Since it offers a little sour taste, Mori reacted what is expected from her but later on, she loved it! She loved it that she was able to almost eat half of the jar! For now, I am sticking first with this flavor and plans to explore more of its flavors later on.

Just in: she was able to say her Pop’s name, ‘Alvin’, which me and my friend were caught surprise!

She smiles easily and can talk to her as if she’s already a grown-up. She laughs when you try to surprise her with the traditional peekaboo! Oh her giggles makes you giggle too!

You may do different kinds of recordings for your little bub’s milestones.

Photo albums. Others have their own photo albums and they kinda turn it into scrap book with all the manual writings of captions. Though it is indeed a wonderful chance to have your baby’s monthly photo with different costumes, it would be a little expensive when you try to compute it in total. And so to be practical, my husband and I have decided to buy our own DSLR camera instead of us having a monthly picture of Mori to professional studios. Also, it would be a good deal to have our own high def camera to be used for whatever occasions Mori will be having instead of hiring photographers every time. Plus, you may use this as well to capture first time moments of your little bub.

Picture frames. Other moms are really into printing their little one’s pictures and have it displayed at home or at their workplace. They even use one big size of frame which has about 12 frames and have their baby’s monthly pictures be displayed.

Scrap book. I once thought of having a scrap book for Mori which is one of the things I always love to do even during my schooling days. Thus, I’ve realize that this one is not for me especially that I also have my corporate work. But maybe this may work for you, you may use different recyclable materials for your scrap book too 🙂

Video clips. It’s also a very good thing to capture that moment of your little bub real time. In my case, I always see to it that my cellphone is charged so that any moment I can capture Mori’s what about. You may also use camcordings which is my initial plan but since my camera phone is almost the same quality with the camcording I am thinking to buy. It isn’t practical anymore to get another tool.

Foot and hand prints. Well, I would really like to keep records of her growth using hand and foot prints as a proof but I changed my mind. This is something clever yet a little messy.

Whichever way you use in recording your little one’s milestones as long as you are comfortable and you can preserve it so in time you may tell the stories behind it to your grown-up little one. Just always remember to enjoy the process especially in capturing the precious moments of your beautiful blessing! 🙂