Baby wearing

I was just pregnant with Mori when I started to search for different baby carriers. Something that would give comfort not only to my baby but, also to me.

I didn’t actually bother to look again for a carrier after giving birth but, come 4th month of Mori, I felt the need to search for the right one for me and my little one. When Mori turned 6 weeks old, her godmother gave her a baby carrier from Japan, and no doubt with the quality and comfy however, I can’t use it to Mori just yet.

Finally, was able to be aware about baby wearing. At first, I hesitated, because for one, I don’t know where can I find it as it is not available in the province and two, I don’t know how to use it thus, safety and security of my baby is uncertain.

Then, I found SaYa baby carrier. I thoroughly searched first about how secure and safe it is for both of us, how to use it and where to find them. And, thanks to Indigobaby’s instagram, they sell online and they offer not only the SaYa baby carrier but also some other carriers you might be comfy with depending on what works for you and your little one.

The SaYa baby carrier is made of clothe – 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. I personally chose this kind of carrier because its handy, it goes to mom’s fashion due to its color and more importantly, my little one will feel comfy and secured. The SaYa VTB is a little stretchable, enough stretch for my baby to adjust.

What I liked most about this SaYa baby carrier is that, I am very comfortable and I don’t need to worry about not able to eat or carry something in my hands. It supports my back as well as the back of my baby. It is a big help to me not only when we go out to dine or buy at the grocery but its a heaven sent whenever we travel by car or public transportation for 30 minutes and beyond.

It was also a smooth journey as Mori had her first out of town trip because I have the SaYa baby carrier. I can’t wait to share with you how excited and how Mori enjoyed her first out of town trip. But, overall I’m giving this SaYa VTB baby carrier a 5-star! A baby carrier that gives you more opportunity to bond with your baby through hugging and skin touch. 🙂



Tricks on how to get your baby get a good sleep

Lately, I noticed that Mori is really playful that she get to sleep a little late and that its really hard on our part to let her sleep. Sometimes, though she really want to sleep she just couldn’t get a good sleep and in this case, she cries a lot.

So with all the experimentations in making Mori sleep really challenged us a lot. Yes, with several tricks somehow we were able to achieve our goal.

1. Sleeping time management. Mori’s routine is to wake up around 6AM-7AM, feed her and let her out to catch the morning sunlight. After which we bath her at 9AM then feed her again then she’ll catch a morning sleep, sometimes about an hour or two. At lunch time she wakes up then sleep again for an hour or sometimes an afternoon nap for thirty minutes. She’ll wake up around 3-3:30PM and play until the sun is down. As much as possible we prevent her from sleeping during sunset and preserve it for night time. We tend to let her sleep after feeding by 7PM-8PM so she’ll get up at around 2AM or 3AM to eat then she’ll just wake at the same time in the morning at around 6AM-7AM.

If we can, we try our very best to maintain these time schedules to make sure that she is getting enough sleep especially night time. Also, we want her to practice that during night, it is intended for sleeping while daytime is more of feeding and playing.

2. Discover your little one’s comfort. There’s this one night when Mori couldn’t really catch her sleep and she cries a lot, we were very worried. We have already done all steps in dancing just to please her and hoping that she finds comfort with the sway but with no success. I noticed that her hands are very busy looking for something to hold on, since I still don’t allow Mori to hold any stuffed toys (as this will promote allergies or asthma), I figured that when her hands have something to hold on, she calms. And so, we were able to identify a good grip with her small pillow hotdog. Hence, she instantly fell asleep with her pillow hotdog and her pacifier in her mouth.

3. You can never go wrong with music. My voice was already tested and it made Mori have a good sleep (admitted, I don’t have a good singing voice). Yet, it would definitely be a very tiring way to let her sleep, you know, singing and dancing at the same time. So, with my music application in my phone, I tried to play modern music which I really liked and it also comfort Mori and able to sleep smoothly. At first, I am not open in playing modern music for Mori to hear especially in the process in catching her sleep. But, when I tried to play some modern songs other than classical songs (which made me relax too and make me wanna sleep!), Mori is comfortable with these melody and sleeps faster than before.

4. Dim lights. When Mori woke up in an unusual late night time, she did not get her chance to go back to sleep again in an instant (especially seeing her parents wide awake too!). Having her toys (mostly are teethers) to keep her busy and consume her huge energy (as she just woke up), feed her to fill her tummy and eventually would fall asleep. But she just don’t wanna close her eyes. So, we tried having dim lights just to test if it would be effective for her to rest her eyes and get a good sleep. With the right position of her in my arms, dancing and swaying with so many moves, her pacifier and pillow hotdog, atlas, we won! She fell asleep and we were able to rest as well.

Those are just some of our major moves for Mori get a good sleep and there are a lot more techniques to explore. What about yours? What are your ways to let your little bub get a good night sleep?

Affordable way to celebrate Christening


As parents it isn’t that easy to put up an occasion after major occasions. The hassle and budget are few of the factors to consider. After Mori arrived, my husband and I are very anxious with our finances thus, we always discuss about proper financial planning–be it small or big expenses.

We long planned to celebrate Mori’s baptismal on her 3rd month which will be on the month of December of the same year, 2016 so as to celebrate my birthday.

My husband and I agreed to just have a very simple gathering with her godparents, more of to cherish that day filled with fun and bonding moments rather than put up a fancy and overwhelming set-up. This would also save us to bigger expenditures and hassle of preparing everything. So what are the simple things to consider?

1. Number of guests. Make a guest list so you are able to identify the priorities in this occasion. Actually, your baby will not remember this event hence, you may want to consider who you will invite. The smaller the number of guests, the less expense you will incur.

2. Church venue. Make sure to register the baptismal day of your little one way ahead of the date. You may also need to consider the proximity of the church to your reception venue just to give a little convenience with your guests as well.

3. Reception venue. In this kind of event, food is very important. Make sure to somehow know the types of tastebuds your guests have. Just a little consideration that they will not just enjoy the ceremony but also, the bonding moment where everyone can relate — food! Also, as busy parents, it is also important to know a place where you don’t need a florist or an interior designer to create magic to the place, be practical to find a venue where it has everything you need, including sound system, yes.

4. Take-away gifts for godparents. As part of the culture and tradition here in the Philippines, it is but important to give something to the godparents of your little one. As of the time being, it is practical to give out something to eat or use (which I mean that it is really useful to daily life) to be given to godparents. In our case, since most of the godparents are not from our province, we have decided to give something to eat that is popularly known in our place-Boneless Milk Fish! And a bonus of home-made vinegar. 🙂

Invitations are cool to do, for less expense, you can never go wrong with a DIY invites. In our case, we no longer made one, we just made sure everyone on the list was informed ahead of time and are being reminded the a couple of days before the event day.

We did not hire a photographer and even an emcee. As simple as it is, we opted to just deliver our message to everyone who have attended our Mori’s christening and that we let them enjoy the sumptuous dinner with a cool and relaxing music. Also, we let our aspiring photographer friends to document the details of the event. As parents, our aim is to make sure Mori’s christening is a memorable one which we can repeatedly share the whole story to her alongside with all the priceless photos taken.

For Mori’s Christening details:

Church: St. John the Evangelist Parish Church of Dagupan City; Presiding priest: Auxiliary Bishop Elmer


Reception venue: Matutina Gerry’s Seafood Restaurant located at the De Venecia Highway