Best Skin Clinic for Warts Removal

From the day I learned I am pregnant, I am already thinking of where to have my warts be removed after giving birth. This is because, I know that warts will be all over my body due to my pregnancy.

I have tried a couple of times in removing my warts because it really is a difficult situation of feeling itchy all the time. Thus, it damages my skin! So, what really is a wart and how do we get them?

Warts are tiny excess skin which has brown color, it can be everywhere in your body. At first, I think its just normal but, after my research, it may actually cause cancer later especially that it grows. It’s scary, I know! Since this is also viral, anyone can have these warts especially if infected person has a direct contact to your skin.

So after I gave birth, now comes the most irritating feeling! Very itchy and can’t even get myself a decent sleep (plus not really having a decent sleep because of my baby). 😅  Plus, it’s so alarming as warts are infectious and I don’t want my little one to get infected too! So, after scouting some skin clinics available in Dagupan City, I finally found the perfect clinic for my skin! Ageless You Anti-aging and Skin Clinic!

I had the chance to have my warts be assessed by the owner, Dr. Feliciano V. Bautista, Jr. Unlike other dematologists, Dr. Bautista is very warm and nice. His staffs are accommodating and are all friendly.

Since I have so many warts, from my face, neck, chest, stomach, sides and my whole back (and I just can’t imagine how many warts are there in my body!!), I need to let them cauterize my warts in two separate schedules. And I just can’t find skin clinics who don’t really give rates without counting all the warts you have in your face! Which, I really find it annoying. Only Ageless You Skin Clinic, who gave an affordable rate regardless of how many gazillion warts you have! 😅

So I had my first cauterize session to remove all my warts in my face, neck, chest and stomach. They will apply topical anesthesia so it would not be that painful once cauterization is being done.

Then after about 45 minutes to an hour of letting my skin absorb the topical anesthesia, its time to cauterize and say bye-bye to my warts!

As soon as the warts were cauterized, it will then turn into black, which will later on disappear after a week or two. The clinic will also provide the post ECT cream at a minimal expense that you need to apply to all your cauterized warts to avoid inflammation or irritation.

What I liked about the service is that Dr. Bautista gives his clients an allowance of seven (7) days to go back to the clinic and do a follow up check up, making sure that no warts are left behind! And if there are still, they would definitely cauterize it so you don’t need to worry anymore!

Staff are very friendly and gentle. Kudos to the most patient people I ever met who really made sure that I am comfy and relaxed.


My before and after the session is a good example of tiis-ganda but worth it! 🙂

Pocket friendly, great staff and excellent service. All in one clinic! And, the most important thing is that I got to protect my little one in not getting infected with warts.

But overall, the most awaited is the finished product! The process is a bit painful and mostly very itchy but, its worth it! In Ageless You Skin Clinic, I have nothing to give but my 5 STARS of excellence and awesomeness! 🙂

Now, I’m already planning my facial sesh with them soon!

Ageless You Anti-aging and Skin Clinic is located at the 2nd Floor Unit5 Pinkies Bldg, Zamora St., Dagupan City, Pangasinan. You may call them thru their clinic phone at (075) 529 3947 or 0946-557-0154 🙂